15 Gift Ideas for the Pontoon Boat Owner

Waterproof flashlight: Many boaters prefer to buy a bright flashlight which is compact. The extra battery life with additional operational time are the main features of this light. It can help the boaters to analyze object at the long distance at night.

Boom swimmer: The dust, water ad sock proof mountable speaker is best for the boaters. You can attach its durable and flexible tail with any platform. You will also get the main screw attachments for the R4A urchin. This unique and attractive boom swimmer is available in the market in white, blue, red, grey and aqua color.

Roxant grip scope: For the full view, mostly the boaters prefer to buy a useful and practical tool while boating. It is weatherproof and helps you to see any fish in the sea at the distance of 2000 feet. To get a crisp and clear view an AK4 green film prism with a glass lens is used. It is the best thing for the people who use sunglasses to maintain a sharp analyzing.

Hopper cooler: In summer people prefer to buy hopper cooler to keep their cans and bottles cool for several days. By using the technology of survival suit, this cooler is leakproof. Its holding capacity is more than 24 cans and 30 lbs ice. The mildew-resistant feature makes this more cooling simple to clean. It worth your time and money. To keep the cans cold its aa best option for summer boating practice.

Insulated wine glasses: Do you want to enjoy a cold wine in the middle of the sea in the summer season, then buy this stylish unbreakable wine glass which is made up of stainless steel. This wine glass is light in weight and comfortable enough to carry in a boat.

The stylish wine bottle covers: Boston Warehouse is offering a best unique cover piece to show the traditional style of the vest with tie and belt. It will perfectly fit the standard wine bottle which is 11 by 5 inches in measurement. The boaters can also use it at home or office table as a boating memory.

Flowfold wallet: This unique wallet is made up of light and stiff carbon fiber material. You can carry more than 11 credit cards along with cash in it. It is specially designed for the surfers in Maine USA.

Perfume: Nautica voyage is the best perfume to gift the boaters. It has a unique citrus smell which is different from the sweet and flowery aroma of the fragrances. It is easy to carry and help to give the fresh and refined feel.

Boating magazine subscription



Inflatable life jacket

Tshirt that says: what happens on the boat stays on the boat


Captains hat

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