How to Clean a Pontoon Boat

Power Rinsing: Spray it with a pressure washer to get all the loose dirt and crap off.

Washing: In case of a new boat, you have to follow few steps to wash your favorite boat. Use a sponge and a bucket of soapy water or a power washer to clean the boat. To get rid of the sticky material, build upon the surface of the vessel, apply the cleaner.

Cleaning: There are several cleaning options on the market which are used for cleaning aluminum surface. Biokleen and Sharkhide is the most famous aluminum cleaner. After applying the cleaner on the surface, scrub it with the help of a sponge and leave it for some hours. At the end wash the surface with water and repeat the whole procedure. To check the quality and working of a cleaner, you can apply it on a small portion of the boat and rinse it with water after some time. Try to repeat the method by increasing the stay time of the cleaner and compare the results.

Polish: You can use metal polish to save the boat from discoloration. Usually, boat polishing step takes more time in cleaning. Most of the boat owners use metal polish along with standard cordless drill, polishing ball and a clean cloth to apply the polish.

Read the directions on the metal polish container carefully before applying the polish. Place a small amount of metal polish on the polishing ball then move the cordless drill in clockwise of anticlockwise manner to apply the polish. Initially, the speed should be slow but after the absorption of the polish increase the speed to apply the second coat. Move the drill in a zig-zag pattern while using the polish across the length of the boat. Depending upon the need of boat polish, you can apply the second or third coating.

The outer body of the boat is made up of aluminum which looks shiny at the time of purchase, but due to exposure with organisms, minerals, and chemicals in the ocean, it starts to fade with time.

Depending upon the amount of minerals in water, the oxidation and discoloration become observable within a few weeks or months after boating. So, you have to analyze and clean the boat to restore its shine regularly. By adopting proper cleaning methods and useful strategies, you can save your boat from harmful weather effects during boat seasoning.

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