Skiing at 28mph Behind a Pontoon Boat

My last son, Jacob, and his family of four came visiting late July at the Lakehouse up north of Dallas for the summer break. With the season reaching its peak, I had a whole lot of activities planned out for the couple and the kids – including some time on the lake. Jacob was conversant with each activity since we enjoyed times like this when he was much younger. So it was considerably stress-free to prepare even better events for the kids with Jacob helping. The kids were so happy to visit the lake house for the first time. And when I told them we’d go fishing, they screamed in unison asking one question after another concerning thing they knew about fishes and fishing.

It was two weeks into the holidays, and Jacob and I knew we needed some father and son time. Our times together is not always as the conventional father and son time. Just like me, Jacob had a thing for skiing. I was much older, but that wouldn’t stop me from stepping a foot on the gas and watch my son ski. Earlier in the year, I had made a few changes to my pontoon boat, upgrading the engine power to about 90 HP. After all, the more horsepower in the engine, the more magic on water.

We woke up early so we could get on the lake, hoping to meet only the fishing crowd. Most families and individuals come fishing quite early in the morning, so it was sure we would meet them as they wrap up their fishing activities.

One thing about skiing on pontoon boats compared to conventional speedboats is that a pontoon boat gives room for larger turning radius, which is plenty for a good time on skis. I checked the battery and other things to make sure the boat was operating smoothly. This is a regular drill. Every time I am about to take the boat out for a spin, I check the engine fluid level, cooling system, the valves to inspect for leaks, and lastly, I re-install the drain plug.

Jacob had brought a water ski, and a 55 foot ski rope in place of the worn out. I watched him put on his life jacket as he got ready to board the pontoon boat.

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Communication has never been a problem. I know when to go fast and when to reduce the speed where necessary. So this was going to be fun. I attached the ski rope to the other end of the boat as we attempted to test its grip. A few first attempts at a relative speed and we were ready to storm the lake.

Growing up, Jacob had learned to ski from his elder brothers, and now, he was as good as any pro. I was not bothered about pushing him a bit more on the track. He checked his grip once more and with a thumbs up he signaled me to go ahead. I watched Jacob lean back and side to side, weaving back and forth. I knew he was preparing for a huge wake so he could make a jump and some spins. I was not sure if he still had it in him since age indeed makes the bones weak. I for one know that first hand. But he smiled as if reading my mind and signaled it would be fine. I hit the gas moving from about 25miles per hour to 28 and watched him plunge into the air precisely as his board caught the wake, landing skillfully upon the disturbed water. We spent a few hours skiing on the lake until the Jacob was stressed to go further and beckoned for rest.

Just before Jacob and his family returned to Oklahoma, we had one last boat dinner at the shores of the Moss Lake. The kids were happy to have the fishes they caught for dinner. Summer at Moss Lake is always a perfect time to have fun.

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