My Family Get Together on Pontoon Boat

It was a crazy thing, you never actually know people that have ever won the lottery. Somehow my dad, that humble, silly, chocolate-loving man managed to win the lottery; a few thousand dollars straight into his bank account.

Well, this sounds like a great idea!” – I say as I stand on the deck facing the pontoon boat that our father bought after winning the lottery one time.

My dad is a bit eccentric but in the best of ways. Let’s say his first large purchase was a two-floor house for… our dog. Toby was living like a king in our backyard.

Meanwhile, I was the youngest son, getting ready to leave my parent’s house once and for all after this summer. I’m told I have way too much energy, I’m also positive and my mom, as she pinches my cheeks, calls me naïve. But I’ll have to worry about the big, bad world that awaits me in September. Because right now I’m ready to have the best summer of my life and nothing’s going to stop me. Not even my two brothers and one sister that decided to use the boat on the same day as me.

Getting everyone on the boat was already difficult. My sister, Elise, gets in first, smug and confident at the fact that she’ll be the one driving the boat – she doesn’t help anybody else, and I’m ready to throw her off the boat, with brotherly love, of course. Next, arrives with my oldest brother, Johnny. He’s a walking circus – not just because we laugh at him every chance we get. But also because he brings a crowd with him. Into the boat comes his wife, a businesswoman named Elizabeth we call the ringleader; three little kids that we call monkeys, affectionately but also literally; and one big and energetic Dalmatian dog I’m scared is going to take control of the boat and displace my sister as captain.

Last but not least, my brother Andy arrives. The guy I would hate if he wasn’t my brother. I know him as overconfident, arrogant, moody and with a terrible temper.

I almost fall off the deck when I catch sight of him. He looks mostly the same, pure muscles and sunglasses, but with him, he brings a gorgeous woman. She looks, oddly enough, so much like him. She’s muscular; she has a blinding white smile and the attitude of an athlete in a commercial. However, when they both step into the boat, and they adopt the overdramatic pose of superheroes – the kids go crazy for them, even my sister claps. Where’s my brother and who’s this guy and his attractive girlfriend?! My brother hated kids and smiles and women!

There’s no time to over think anything, because as I reach down to get my bag and get on the boat… it starts moving without me. I curse and scream at my sister and start moving. The thing starts moving slowly at first but I trip over my feet, and I get to hear everyone laugh. I admit I laugh at my stupidity but once I’m up and running the boat is gaining speed and I’m left with no option but to throw my bag at the boat – hitting Johnny in the head, which I’m proud of – and when I ran out of deck to run on I jump into the water.

My ridiculous sister makes me swim behind the boat long enough to tire me. They have a great time laughing at me, and Johnny has already started making the early preparations for our burgers that we’ll have later. Only Andy’s girlfriend that I learned is called Nat helps me with a drink as I watched, amused, with everybody else how Andy explains his master plan.

A treasure! Hiding in the depths of this river! Centuries of boats, wild creatures and innocent lives lost in these waters!” – his speech gets emotional enough to receive a warning from Elizabeth. “You’re scaring the kids!” she said with her motherly, authoritative voice. – “Sorry, little monkeys. But imagine! This little family is finding the treasure of pirates! Jewels of kings! Gold of the Gods!”

My brother finishes his speech with the sun shining brightly behind him, his eyes lost in the horizon and his smile as big as if he already had a pirate chest at his feet. It was all very dramatic… until everyone else exploded in thunderous laughs.

Sorry, uncle, but even I know that’s not very realistic.” – our little niece, Monkey #1, said.

Hey, monkeys, try to repeat what he said very fast. Gold of the Gods, Gold of the Gods…” – my sister started the circus, and then they were unstoppable.

The rest of the day was nothing if not more hilarious. My sister was smugly driving the boat and doing an outstanding job at relaxing and laughing at everyone else. The men of this family were a shame. There was Johnny, with a burnt hand after making an unexplainable mess cooking the burgers. His wife had never looked so happy, I think, as when she affectionately cured his hand and imitated his girlish screams. Then there I was – a human toy for the little monkeys.

Those kids are evil! I was thrown off that boat two more times that day! I swear that the third time I jumped on purpose…

However, what no one expected was that my self-assured brother Andy would be making a fool of himself the entire day in front of his girlfriend. He burnt one of his fingers, fell off the boat once, got a sunburn, almost cried after hitting his toe with one of the chairs… it was very fun to see, honestly. Then, as the sun was setting, he jumped off the boat, sure he had found the treasure he made us look for the entire day. He came back holding a diamond ring and getting down in one knee for Nat, the greatest new addition to our family.

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