We went fishing together in Pontoon Boat

For me, life is a big deal and a great opportunity that I’m not about to blow away. I work, don’t get me wrong, I work really hard, but I try to play harder sometimes. Lol! The main reason I decided this time it would be different and refreshing.  

Are you about to go off work to have fun? Was the look my colleague gave me. In my mind, I was like “Really, just fun. Absolutely not, I’m about to have the time of my life. Seasons are relevant but not as relevant as the memories created in the seasons we have.

Spending time with myself shouldn’t be that bad. No, it can’t, I may not know where I fall but I know I’m somewhere in between being an extrovert and an introvert. Either way, I can be the life of the party when I want to.

So this time I chose this beautiful Island for the time of my life. It’s not a different country just a more secluded place, why Island fits perfectly I may never be able to explain. Too young to know much history and too busy to find out.

So here am I fully packed awaiting my flight which was the first of the day. Then the weirdest things start to happen. Weird in a good way if you ask me. Because some of the greatest adventures of our lives happen when we least expect. That’s true because I just experienced that…

ohooohooo I feel good already” were the words that could express, just a little of the feeling I had. You know that crazy moment you feel like skydiving when you know under a normal circumstance. It’s like “no way, I’m not gonna jump out.”

Sitting and chilling, in my White T-shirts and shorts, cool Nike footies, my glasses with blue lenses reflecting the sky and the sea. I was just ready for some suntan. Lol! Not that way. Then a breeze of some cool fragrance swept pass me before I could recover from the soft and unique experience. It was gone… maybe it was a secret, Victoria’s or Beyonce’s I can’t tell. But I’m sure it could be a Victoria Secret.

Well, maybe it was just a distraction.”

Landed safely and in no time I was on the beach. The cool ride in the small open Jeep was breathtaking. I felt like the stress had been blown away. I had a refreshing bath in my lodge and went to get my Pontoon. Even though they always say its the safest, they still wrote “safely.” Safety was on my mind, but maybe the back side of it coz the most important word now is “fun.”

The speed was everything, the water was immaculate, the atmosphere was mesmerizing and I, I was consumed by it all. Not burnt though. Lol! The cruise got to the cooler side, not too far from the instructions I was given. OK, OK maybe just a tiny little. If my mother were here, she would have screamed. This water is not the one to be down in by the riverside. I allowed the boat to sway to the of the ocean. I laid there allowing the sun and the wind hit my skin.

Hello there”, I recognized the fragrance from the airport.

Sorry, do I know you?” she answered,


I took a minute or more to take in her Beauty, the flawless skin with the OMG black hair. Very imperfectly perfect, and her aura, her Voice…

Hello” she tapped me softly and smiled as she looked back to answer the call. Her name was Candy.

She walked away. I called out until I started screaming.

Woke up to see the crowd gathered around me. Gasping for breath, I remembered I was asleep, how come.. how .. what happened

Calm down,” the man in charge of the medical team said

you’ll do something for me, go to your room and rest. It’s nothing serious, the tides got serious, and the wave overturned your boat. But you were lucky.”

I walked with my hand on the side of my head where I felt an ache…

Woke up the second day feeling a lot better. The sun was up already and had made its way into the room through the transparent white curtains giving the room a tanned color. “I’m about to have more fun,” I told myself .. I went to the quiet side this time. I met a man called Billy, and he had a boat. He’s lived here for over six decades. He was a fisherman, actually a retired sheriff, he did this to refresh himself.

We went fishing together. The sight was so good. All the fishes were more than we knew or saw in the stores. Different colors and shapes and sizes. Harmless ones close to the top of the ocean. I took photographs, and Billy was so calm and patient. I jumped into the water a couple of times, and he took some pictures of me and with me.


Yh boy!”

He said pulling the fish he had caught out of the water…

how does one get to the top of that mountain ?”

Through the tunnels.”

Wooow,” I said, my face so lit

Not that easy, it’s a herculean task.”

That’s what I love the most.”

Boy, your parents ought to love you, you look like a really good kid. Don’t waste your life. People go up there, with all sorts of medical help on ground and helicopters. Are you crazy?”

OK, Billy. I’ll stay clear”.

Good, common let’s go prepare this delectable lunch.”

The fish was fresh and sweet. I had it with some ketchup and fries, Billy’s wife is a really good cook. I had to hurry and not pass out in their courtyard. His son, Grey dropped me at home.

The next morning was the annual carnival, and I’m sure they all thought I had been there before.

Don’t mind me. I was so desperate to have fun that I even participated in Karaoke, and we did “Bop Bop Baby” my rented Candy. Lol

I never met the one in my dreams, and maybe my subconscious played on my intelligence. I met Marcy, and she became sweeter than Candy. We danced and had so much fun.

I had landed back home when reality set in.

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