Crazy and Romantic Fishing Trip


Have you been fishing before? Do you love the flow of water and catching fishes? Do you like to go on fishing with your friends and family members? Well! Many other people like to go on fishing because it helps them make their bond stronger with their friends or family members. Recently, the pontoon boat fishing is rapidly gaining popularity. It is a special type of boat that works on the pontoons. It is flat in which means that o the small boat you can lie down or walk and if you are not interested in fishing, you can enjoy the whole ride and make some memories that you will never forget.

However, have you ever been to a pontoon boat fishing that ended up into something that you have never expected? I am about to share my unique story with you that will surprise you.


The perfect pontoon boat fishing plan

It would not be wrong to say that I am blessed with the best friends. We are a group of 8 friends, and one of them is my boyfriend for six years. We became friends in college, and you would be surprised to know that none of us had the same major. We met in the cafe where one of my friends was getting bullied by her seniors, and 7 of us came to her rescue despite knowing that we were freshers as well and it could be dangerous for us.

You will be surprised to know that the senior who was bullying her was working on a documentary and she was her case study and nothing happened to her. He appreciated our effort and said that 7 of us prove that humanity still exists. The best part is that after fake saving her we 8 had lunch together in café. We started talking and found out that all of her have the same love for nature and adventure and that is how we became friends. As the years passed our friendship grew stronger. You would not believe that there was a body named Jake in our group from the Electric engineering department and I had a crush on him since day 1.

He never showed any signs of liking me due to which I never made a move. When we were in the last months of final education, all 8 of us were selected for our dream jobs. We were scared that if we drift apart, we will not stay stronger and how we will manage all our trips that are remaining on the bucket list. However, you would not believe that all of us got our jobs in Miami and we were not planning to leave the town anytime soon. On the day of our convocation John asked me to be his girlfriend and it as the best day of my life. At that time, I was 26 years old. Our group spent a lot of time together and made a lot of memories on an amazing trip that we had. This spring break we have the perfect plan of going on the pontoon boat fishing.


It is time to get ready for the party

We were ready for the part, but there were a few missing things. You will be surprised to know that we had all the equipment for fishing but none of the ladies of the group had a swimming suit. That is why four days before the pontoon boat fishing trip we planned to go for a little shopping and buy some cute swimming suits. We visit various stores but were unable to find a dress for me. You will be surprised to know that all of them got some simple and cool dresses but forced me to buy a special one only because my boyfriend was going to be on the boat as well. I did not suspect anything because none of them ever planned to bring their partners on the friend’s trip and we were the only ones who were a couple of the friend’s group. After a lot of research and visiting a million store at least what it felt like to me they were able to find the perfect dress. After that, we went home and started packing and planning for the trip.



We were supposed to reach the pontoon boat station at 2 pm because the boat was booked and our friends finalized all other things related to the boat. I was there at 1.45 pm with John because he offered to pick me from my apartment so we can have some quality time alone in the ride. It felt like he wants to say something to me but was unable to get the words out of his mouth he complimented the dress that I was wearing and told me that I was looking beautiful. After that when we reached the station, there was no one else. The boating team asked us to get ready because they were about to release the boat into the water. We hired one of their captains to assure that they will take care of the boat while we can focus on fishing and having fun. Our friends were supposed to bring beer and food so we can party in the boat. At 2 pm we started calling them, but none of them was picking up. At least one of friend Ed picked us his phone and told us to take the boat and go into the water, and they will come and join us soon. We asked him that how is that possible because the boat will only come back at 8 pm. He simply said that he has talked to the Captain and there is nothing to worry about everything is planned.


Only the two of us

That is how John and I were the only two who were on the boat. The Captain started the boat, and soon we were into the depths of the river. I was feeling confused that they had never done this before, so why they ditched us. I notice that John was confused as well because he was not expecting something like this. However, instead of wasting our time on thinking that what they have done and why we started to work on the fishing rods and bait to assure that we can catch at least a few fishes to grill once we meet our friends. We adjusted everything and noticed that it was working perfectly. I went and sat next to john after adjusting my fishing rod properly with the boat to assure that if I catch the fish, it will not be able to take the road away. John had done the same thing.


You + Me = WE – pontoon boat fishing

I notice that John was a little tensed, s I asked him if everything was going out perfectly and whether everything at the business was fine or not. He had his own company, and it was working perfectly.

He said that everything was fine and he was missing me. He said that it is a perfect opportunity for us to spend some alone time together and make some of the memories that had never happened before. Soon was started talking and completely forgot about the fishing rods that we had adjusted. You will be surprised to know that even the Captain started to listen to his music because we would appreciate the privacy. It was amazing for us because we have never spent time like this together. We shared our plans of future that how we would like to spend our future. He told we everything that he wanted to do related to his business. He never offered me a job at his office because he knew that it could create problems between us and we would not be able to manage our business and personal relationship. I appreciate his decision because it is one of the best decisions that he had made. He cannot afford to let anything come between the two of us.


Sharing some daring secrets

When we were talking about a few of our secrets. You will be surprised to know that John and I shared nothing about our families and we never forced each other to share. However, today it was something special, and I started telling John about my family. I told him that how my father died when we were little and our uncle tried to take everything away from my mother and me by forcing her to marry him. He was shocked because I was the only daughter. However, my mother stood up for the rights and refused to marry him. Instead, she sold all the property that my father had to assure that no one will get greedy and moved from New York to Miami to assure that no one will be able to find us.

She saved most of the money for my education and invested the rest into a small café for students. That is how we have been making both ends meet. The reason my mother loves John is that he is just hard working and caring like my Dad. After that John told me that his life was tough as well because his parents died in an accident and his aunt and uncle were bullies. They used to make him do all the chores because that is the only way he could go to school. He said that he worked a few extra hours for the professor to make some extra money for his education. He said that his admission in the college with the full scholarship was his ticket to get away from his aunt and uncle. He said that he never went back to them again.


The sunset kiss

We were talking, and the sun was setting. It was the most beautiful sunset that I have ever seen in my life but what happened next is even more surprised, suddenly John took my face in his own hands and kissed me like I am the most precious thing to him in his life. He kissed me very carefully yet passionately to assure that nothing would happen to me. It was the best kisses of my life, and I never wanted him to let go, but at last, we have to get away from catch our breaths.


Will You Marry Me

After we were done kissing it was about time to get back to the land. However, I felt like John still has something to say. So, for the first time, I told him to tell me what he is hiding because nothing can change my feelings for him. He was confused and suddenly said that he would respect whatever my response and answer would be for the question that he is going to ask. I was shocked because a million thoughts were playing in my mind. Suddenly he took out a box from his pocket and surprised me with a diamond ring and on the top of the box it was written that will you marry me. It was hard for me to hold my tears back because I was not expecting something like this from John. He has always done everything at the right time without even letting me suspect. I said yes and hugged him tightly because I never wanted to let him go he made me wear the ring and kissed me straight on the lips. At that moment both of our rods started to shake, and it killed the moment. We started to laugh, and I suddenly asked John that why he waited so long for this. He said that he wanted to be established to assure that I would never face any financial problems after our marriage. That is why he waited until he could have his own home and another vacation home for me at my favorite destination Hawaii. I kissed him this time for all the love and care.


The party is on

The boat started to move, and after few minutes we were on the shore, and all of my friends were there with everything that you could need to have a perfect party and of course we brought the fish. They all congratulated us for the step that we have taken in our lives. As well as they told us that they could not wait for the wedding because it is going to be the best wedding. We spent a few more hours at the beach and ate all the food.

After that, it was time to leave, and John told me that we should tell mom together. So, we went into the house with a small cake in our hands. It was 11 pm, and the mother was working on a new dish she was planning to introduce in our restaurant. She was surprised to see the cake and ring on my finger. She understood what has happened and hugged both of us and blessed us with prayers for a bright future.

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