Good Food, Fishing, and Friends

Summer holiday was here, and I couldn’t wait to plan for the boating ride that I always wanted to try.

I was somehow afraid. However, this time, I made sure that I’m going to go for it, no matter what. First I took permission from my parents and they as always didn’t stop me from having fun. Thereupon, I decided to plan for it.

I gathered my friends; we made a plan, book cars to reach the port. I packed some of the required stuff that I’d thought, would make it a fun day like my clothes, some eatables, my fishing rod, etc. and finally on the decided date, we were all there, with our stuff.

It was a beautiful river surrounded by huge mountains. We were six and all, my best buddies. We sat our picnic seats, a friend of mine brought it. We laid on them. As we were traveling for quite a time, one of my friends decided to go for getting something to eat. Though we had food with us, who can resist eating from the best shops thereby. We had then eaten our lunch tanning in the sunlight. But altogether, it was making us curious for riding as soon as we can.

There were a lot of people there that day, because of summers, I guess. That’s the thing I love the most, about northern areas. The days are pleasant and nights are cold.

And It’s always fun riding over water though I didn’t try it myself yet I have heard a lot about it, from my parents. I went with friends of mine, to the ticket booth and we bought tickets for ourselves. Then we stood there watching others riding and waiting for our turn to have fun too. We were extremely excited and couldn’t wait anymore. It was my first time and for some of my friends too! So we were all thrilled.

Finally, the wait was over, and it was our turn. We brought our fishing rods and water bottles with us, set our remaining stuff aside and went all at once, running toward the boats. A man was driving it, but we asked him to leave it for us. One of my friends, Leonard assured him that he knows, how to drive it. Though we were all scared at first, But as soon as it started to move, the fun started too!

Oh these seem like the best way to get onto the water,” said Soph, a friend of mine.

Charles added, “Oh sure they are! They have enough space to fit ten people.”

I said just then, “and they look like they are easy to handle even for people boating for the first time, like us.” Everybody laughed.

Mike and Noah loved fishing, and so they got their things ready. Soph and I also settled our fishing rods and buckets. While Charles was driving and Maria kept seated with him. They both are always talking, and same was on that day, talking and having fun together.

First Mike was a little disappointed because he wasn’t able to catch any fish in his net. But then, “look I’ve got something,” Noah started to yell, and Mike saw it was a Tuna fish. He too again started to look for. Then just with a few seconds gap, we all began to catch fishes, and there were lots of them, easily visible under the water. Only then Charles and Maria also started to enjoy and then we drive the boat one by one, and Oh I can’t tell how beautiful the day had become.

We had already caught lots of fishes, and we were getting hungry too. Sun was starting to set, so we decided to stop boating and move on to our next plan. Suddenly a strange thing started to happen. Well, it was something that made our day more memorable. The weather added to our excitement. Cold winds started blowing, and clouds were coming. Though it didn’t rain that day, the weather had become pleasant and lovely and made our day more enjoyable.

We stepped outside and went a little forward from that area on foot. We set our camp near a mountain. And started to get things ready for our dinner. We have brought frozen chicken, and Soph made the other ingredients ready. Charles got the coals and Mike, and Noah started to put the pieces on BBQ sticks.

Night arrived, and we were all there doing BBQ in the cool and pleasant weather. There were lots of others camps too near us. It felt like home. Ah! Such an amazing day it was.

We had our dinner and took a walk around this beautiful land, but we were all somehow tired till then so we decided to sleep for a while. We slept a lot that day. You know when things are calm and happy, we feel so relaxed inside.

I woke up first and realized that its morning now. Charles was also awake, and we packed our camps, and we’re going to leave. We got back to the port and changed our clothes in the washrooms nearby.

We came out and got our car ready to leave but just then,

Hey what about ski boats? Look at those children”, Mike said pointing toward three little children riding them. And well we were there, so why leave anything behind?

I was afraid because ski boats are different from other ones, but I wanted to try that too. So, it was set, and we all had our separate ski boats. They were amazing and faster than other boats, and I loved the splashes of water it was creating.

Hey let’s race?” Soph said being smarter.

And we all started to take over each other. It was the best thing we did on our trip there.

It got noon again, and we had our lunch. We made some more friends there too. But it was now time to return to our homes.

Pontoon boats are amazingly good for carrying lots of people, and next time we’ll bring more food and drinks and more friend too!

And when you’re riding them, you don’t have to worry about falling overboard when the party comes to an end. It will always be a memorable day!

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