I Rented a Boat for Family Vacation

It was almost time for the summer holidays, and my dad had decided that we would all be going on a family vacation for the first time, and Linkin Park in Anderson states was where we would be spending this vacation.

Dad announced dinner, just two weeks before the summer holiday and I could see the overwhelming excitement in the eyes of both Max and Julie who unlike me haven’t had the time to think it through.

It wasn’t much of a surprise to me as I already overhead mom and dad talking about a family vacation a few weeks back. And even though I had kept it to myself like it was nothing, I was secretly worried about the location they’d pick.

It is a great idea but where are we going to?” I jumped in, not to ruin the fun but rather to get rid of the anxiety that had been burning in me ever since I overheard the news.

We will be going to Anderson,” Dad said, “I have already booked a cabin space for us, and I rented a Pontoon!”

A pontoon?” Julie asked with a fake smile, trying to hide the disappointment that emerged after hearing her father’s words.

Yeah. It is like a Family boat and your dad promise to let you drive,” Mom said as she turned to me with a grin on her face.

Immediately after dinner, I rushed up the stairs to get my laptop and search the internet for what a pontoon was.

A pontoon boat relies on 2 tubes to float.” — Or at least that was the result I got from Google. I asked around from friends about what they knew about a pontoon boat, and the best answer I got was that it is a cruise boat, the smaller version of a yacht.

So we are just going to sit in a boat and drive around all day,” Julie asked as she walked into my room while I was packing my bags for the trip.

Not necessarily” I replied. She was only 12, and I wasn’t ready to make her feel bad about the vacation. She also seemed to have done her research about what a Pontoon boat was so I had to play it right.

Have you ever been on the water?” I asked her.

No,” She responded as she sat on my ready packed bag right across from where I was.

That is where the fun is! Being on the water is different from being on land so don’t think you know what’s coming,” I said with a wink on my face, secretly hoping it will work, and it did work, not because she was 12, but because I was right. Being on the water is different from being on land, so I had also to stop thinking like I knew what was coming.

It was time to set off into, and we had all accepted the vacation for what it seemed to be. We got to Anderson after about 5 hours on the road, with just two stops during the journey; first of which was when Julie had to use the ladies, and the other time we had a stop was for gas.

Regardless of how bad it gets, I will be on Instagram reading as many memes, and watching as many vines as I can, to laugh away anything that may want to cause any worry,” I told myself. We arrived at the cabin, and it was looking better than I had imagined, it seemed more interesting, and for a moment, I was glad to be there.

A young Hispanic girl with the name Jane attended to us at the cabin and showed us to our wing in the cabin. She was pretty nice, and she knew everything we needed even before we asked for it. She’d been working there for about four years now, or at least that is what she told my mom when my mom inquired.

No wonder she is so good at this,” my 8-year-old brother, Mark said as everyone watched Jane exit the room.

So you can drive a car?” the pontoon boat instructor asked as I made my way to the driver side of the pontoon boat after my dad had said he came here to relax, not to drive, and Carl will be doing the driving today.

Yes he can,” My mom jumped in “He’ll be 20 years in a few weeks, and he got his license last year.”

Well, that’s great!” The instructor exclaimed. “Will anyone be swimming?”

Yes, we will be swimming” my dad responded quickly before anyone could even think about it.

After a few minutes of learning the basics of the controls, we were well on our way to exploring the lake, and we weren’t alone. We could see about four other pontoons close by, with their crews carrying out different activities. 2 of the pontoon boats perpendicular to each other had stopped to fish, while the other two like us were just there to relax and watch the sunset. My dad had come with a mixtape he made of Kenny Roger’s songs, and those songs were perfect for the moment. Both Julie and Max couldn’t stop being astonished by the view and I could tell that it was going to be an awesome summer vacation!

The pontoon boat was just like driving a car, with only a few differences. I was nervous, but I had it under control, so I slowly and steadily followed the current when I needed to, and I made sure to stay close to that 4 other pontoon as I was especially enjoying the view with the cold and soft breeze that came with it.

This is an experience to remember,” I told myself.

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