I went Trout Fishing for Leisure and caught Big Catfish

The air filtered into my nostrils as I sat at the edge of the pontoon boat which George had nicknamed “Harvey,” for me – I thought it a rather weird name for a boat but I guess since the boat itself belonged to George, I had no say in the matter.

The boat itself was like any regular pontoon boat; but George had had it pimped which made the boat look like a mini-yacht, there was a stand-up bar at the far end and also some sort of mini-lounge which George had designed himself.

Kyle, won’t you mind joining me for a drink or two?” George asked waving at me; I glanced over my shoulder to find him seated at the mini-bar on the boat with the blonde chick clad in a bikini.

Nah… I’m too busy trying to catch this trout” I replied waving back at him with my left hand, my right hand was actually clutching the fishing rod tightly, to be perfectly honest I don’t really enjoy fishing but I was really trying to avoid anything that would bring me in close contact with the girl.

C’mon Kyle, give it up already, you and I know that you can’t catch a trout in the Thames, don’t be a jerk and come over” George pressed on, but I simply ignored him.

My eyes were still somehow fixated on the water which seemed to shimmer in the evening sun, the bait had been in for almost thirty minutes, and there seemed to be absolutely no sign of life in the water.

I could hear laughter behind me, it was coming from the blonde girl, and she must have told me her name when she came on the boat just before we sailed down Thames but I must have forgotten or simply didn’t want to remember.

I peeked slightly at them and found that she was presently snuggled up with George, damned bastard always got the pretty ones I thought gloomily; it was not even news that I was greatly gynophobic; I avoided women by all means possible.

While I was still peeking at them from the far corner of my eye, I felt a slight tug on my lifeless line which had now been stuck in for more than one hour, the tug was feeble at first, but it soon intensified as I struggled to hold the rod in my hand steadily.

I think I’ve got a big one!” I called to George, but of course, he couldn’t certainly have heard me because he was presently making out with the blonde girl, and I was busy struggling with whatever sea creature that my fish hook had managed to catch.

I staggered forward almost crashing into the lower railing of the pontoon boat as the tugging grew even stronger, with all the strength I could muster I tried as much as possible to roll the line back, but the tugging was way stronger.

Whatever I had managed to catch was fighting back, and apparently, it was going to win me unless I could try to pull it in.

Boy – I loathed fishing, but before the fish had a chance of tugging me again, I felt a hand suddenly snatch the rod away from me, and George was smiling as the turned the line in quickly and sharply.

You really do suck at fishing man” George said grimly, within seconds we were looking at the biggest catfish that we had ever seen in our lives, the fish squirmed in the plastic container, and I watched it with interest, the blonde girl was standing not too far off from me, but I was too engrossed even to notice her.

It’s quite big Georgie, so damn big almost like a seal!” the blonde haired girl exclaimed covering her mouth with her hands, I only just rolled my eyes at that comment, for crying out loud I was the one who caught the fish.

Yeah, it is; let’s find out if we can rake in more” George replied, and with that, he swung in the hook again with fresh bait, and hardly had five minutes passed before he had gotten another fish almost as large as the previous.

I guess the fishes only bite hard when you’re with the rod” I chipped in watching the blonde haired girl as she wrapped her arms around George.

Not exactly Kyle, I guess I’m just having a stroke of luck today, so what do we do with two large catfishes?” George asked.

I know; how you boys like some fish soup?” the blonde haired girl asked and George was quick to respond which actually left me with absolutely no choice whatsoever in the whole matter.

That’d be a very great idea, Naomi, why don’t you just get along with it?” George said smiling at me malevolently.

But I get the large share, even though you managed to catch it, it’s still my fish though” I commented, but George was hardly listening.

In a matter of minutes we were soon seating down to steaming bowls of catfish soup and glasses of red wine in the mini-lounge, I personally navigated the pontoon boat down the side of Thames which directly led to River Thorne just before the Eastern bridge.

Even though I didn’t really like the blonde haired girl or Naomi, I was rather more than impressed; she was a rather excellent cook.

As I slurped up my soup, I couldn’t help but wonder how large the Thames was; the river seemed to stretch on forever. Having finished up my soup I headed back to the navigation rig and started up the engine again, it was already getting quite dark but I could make out George and the girl making out at the mini-lounge, the night breeze flared up my hair as I looked on at the peaceful water which flowed gently through the Eastern bridge overlooking the just past River Thames.

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