Will Pontoon Boat Fit in Garage? Storage Guide


A 22-foot pontoon boat will not fit in a standard two car garage. You could get a bigger garage, smaller boat, or use one of these other storage methods:

Trailered Dry Storage Space – Found near marinas, these centers allow you to keep your boat in a ‘garage,’ out of the elements and independently locked. They are hassle-free in that you no more will have to trailer your boat to as well as from the water, but you will still have to release and obtain the boat for your trip. This type of storage space is dramatically less expensive than either Dry Heap or Wetslip storage.

Residence Garage Storage – Several boaters with huge garage area select to maintain their watercraft at their homes and also out of the aspects. This is usually the most affordable expense storage possible if your boat, as well as the trailer, will suit the garage.

Outdoor Lawn Storage space – The worst of all boat storage space is to leave the boat outdoors in the weather condition. Without the defense of a building, boats tend to get weather condition beaten, the fiberglass gets sun-faded, and also there is always the potential of the watercraft filling with water.



Factors to consider when Storing your Watercraft – Wherever your boat is kept, you will need to be knowledgeable about the complying with concerns:

Insurance. Wherever your watercraft is saved, your insurance coverage will cover your craft, damages to it, as well as losses arising from burglary, and so on. If the watercraft is saved in a commercial storage facility (DSS, Wetslip, or Trailered Storage Space), the marina is accountable for any damages they cause on your boat via their fault or carelessness, however except disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, flooding, and so on. Your insurance needs to provide coverage for these hazards. (Lots of seafarers lost their boats to Katrina to find out, after the truth, that the marina’s insurance does not cover disasters.

Security from the Weather condition – If the watercraft is exposed to wind, rainfall, snow, and sun, you should cover it with tarpaulins or diminish cover to maintain the traveler rooms dry and devoid of dirt and also clutter. If an open boat is subjected to rains, a working bilge pump needs to be present, with a battery, to keep water left from the boat.


Marina Dry Storage – A very hassle-free place to keep your boat may be within a completely dry storage facility at a marina near to where you use your watercraft. Many such facilities are called Dry Heap Storage space facilities given that the watercraft kept there are stored on racks and also piled as lots of as 5 or 6 high. They are put on the racks with a substantial marina forklift. The most convenient function of this type of storage space is the capability to call and request your watercraft to be released and afterward to have it in the water a ready for a trip on really short notice. Naturally, because no trailers are involved in this operation, you will not even require to purchase a trailer in any way if you keep your watercraft in a Dry Heap Storage (DSS). Boats saved in a DSS are shielded from the aspects and may also be heated to shield your watercraft from cold in the wintertime. Seafarers are normally billed by the foot for DSS to ensure that you pay only wherefore you require.


Wetslip Storage space – Usually scheduled just for craft larger than 25 feet, the ability to have your watercraft in the water and also prepared to address perpetuity can be really hassle-free. Typically, wet slips have a tendency to be covered to avoid rain from obtaining directly into the watercraft and also to safeguard the boats from straight sunlight. For bigger boats furnished with a/c and galleys, electrical ‘shore power’ solution, as well as water, are much time supplied on wet slips. A lot of states now need marinas to have sanitary drain stations for disposal of sewage holding storage tanks on board watercraft with aquatic hygiene tools. If your watercraft is docked in an uncovered wet slip, you have to guarantee that water does not enter the bilge and that constant electric is provided to keep your battery charged to pump the bilge out immediately

Winterization – If the watercraft is stored in environments where there is an opportunity that the temperature inside the storage center gets below 32 degrees (cold) for any prolonged time, you have to make sure that the water jacket of your marine engine is drained of water or pumped filled with safe and clean antifreeze to safeguard it.


Time – If your watercraft is to be stored for any type of amount of time more than a month, your engine must be shielded by fogging the engine intakes and positioning some fuel system stabilizer in the fuel container. It is likewise a good concept to detach the battery to avoid battery water drainage over the storage period.

Alternatively, you can get an inflatable which can be deflated as well as fit into a small dimension including your garage.

If you spend a little time to look after these few factors to consider when keeping your boat, your entire boating experience will be enhanced.


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