Fishing, Catching, and Grilling on Mountain Lake


I have a very hectic job, and whenever I get the opportunity to break away from my busy schedule, I grab my pontoon boat and go to the lake for fishing. I find it very relaxing to spend time alone with sherry on my pontoon boat. He is a very good companion, stays quiet, doesn’t move around the boat a lot and keeps to himself, and honestly, those are the best things I like after a hectic week.

I had bought my Pontoon boat five years ago, and ever since then, whenever I have had the opportunity to go fishing, I had availed the opportunity.

The lake was beautiful, situated in the heart of three mountains; the molten glaciers from the mountains fed it. Even in summers the water was frigid and to catch a fish one had to wait a bit before opening the account for the day.


Last month had been very tough for me, three lost deals and one customer firing our firm for a petty issue, I was in utmost need of a vacation. And that is exactly what my boss suggested, that I should take the week off and get everything off my mind. I rushed home, packed my stuff and stuffed sherry on the back seat and started my 8-hour long journey to Pontoonville.

It was way past dark, and when I reached the holiday resort, the town presented the image of a ghost town. I checked in to a motel, tucked sherry into the room and went to bed to rest properly before the great day ahead.

I woke up at half past four in the morning. The town was still deeply asleep. I made coffee for myself, fed Sherry, gathered my fishing gear and off I drove to the shore for a pacifying day of fishing. The harbor was one of the places in the town that opened very early in the morning, well it’s apt to say it opens late in the night. I rented my favorite pontoon boat, and off I went into the lake long before the sun was up.

The lake was huge, and it gave the feeling of a very huge dam. There were ample fish to catch. My pontoon was very luxurious, well for me, the definition of luxurious was away from my hectic routine, so even the broken toilet seat of the Motel seemed a luxury as it was quiet and peaceful.


After reaching a few hundred feet away from the shore, I lowered my hook. And the fishing started. I had caught three by nine in the morning, and I decided it was time for breakfast. Sherry was also looking at me with his droopy eyes as if expecting me to stop the fishing right away and prepare breakfast for him.

I took out one of the fish and started preparing it by removing the fins and the head. Once I was done the chopping, I cleaned the deck and marinated the fish into the sauce. Then I turned on the portable grill and started grilling the fish. It was difficult to decide who was drooling more, Sherry or me as I had to push him back numerous times while he made repeated attempts to steal away one of the cooking pieces. Finally, I gave up and threw him a juicy piece which he devoured quickly and started panting at my feet for more.

I was managing the grill and sherry simultaneously, and well, this was all the fun that I came here for. And finally, the fish was ready, grilled and smoking hot. I took out all the sauces I had brought and enjoyed my freshly grilled fish with buttered buns I had picked up from the harbor in the morning.


After breakfast, I felt the new energy inside me, and I lowered the hook again. Sherry was content with the breakfast and was enjoying the warm sun on the aft deck.

By afternoon, I had caught seven fish, and I was a bit tired with the endeavour, so I decided to relax. I extended the bunk, adjusted the foams and lay down on the deck. The warm sun, the pacifying lake and the mountains around was a breathtaking scene. I was trying to absorb all the nature I could, breathing in deeply the fresh and pure air. The only noise breaking the silence of the scene was the humming of the motors in the distant coming from other pontoon boats in the lake.

I couldn’t keep track of time, and I slept for a minute or so, and when I looked at the watch again, it was two in the afternoon. I was woken up by Sherry, who was continuously trying to tell me it was way past his lunch time. I thoroughly enjoyed the sleep; it was one of those naps you get after days of improper sleeping.

I was feeling very fresh after the nap. I took out the half of the marinated fish I had saved and started preparing lunch. After lunch, I decided to turn the boat towards the shore and call it a day. Sherry was equally satisfied with his outing. I had discovered he loved pontooning as much as I did. In fact, he enjoyed more. As he always observed unnoticed details about the nature that I couldn’t.

On my way back I felt very relaxed and all ready for the hectic week that lay ahead of me.


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