My Cookout with Gas Grill

This weekend, I am treating you all to a cookout on my pontoon boat,” I said.

They all stared at me in disbelief. I had purchased the pontoon about two weeks ago, and I had promised to take them on a short relaxation on the boat, but I had never had the time to take them. Now, I was.

Really?” Laura asked.


Of course,” I said. I am going to treat you all to a wonderful cookout and also have that relaxation that I promised you a long time ago. Two birds with one stone.”

Clarissa smiled at me. “That’s great darling,” she said. She kissed me. I could see the excitement in everyone’s face. I made up my mind not to disappoint them.

When I got to my office that day, I informed my secretary to get me all the necessary information available on how to prepare scrambled eggs and bacon. She also gave me some pointers. I read every information and crammed some. When I felt I had read enough, I began to think of a place where I could practice my cooking before the main day.


When people say it your face that you cannot do some things that they can do, you have this feeling that arises in you and which pushes you to show them that you can do it and even do better than they ever thought.

This same thing happened to me. It happened that I was challenged by the rest of the members of my family, all four of them that I could not prepare scrambled eggs with bacon. Of course, they were right, but I wasn’t about to admit to that. My wife, two daughters and a son were challenging me. It was during a breakfast session.

What?” I said, managing to sound shocked. “Ordinary eggs and bacon? Something that I can do in a few minutes.”

Really, Brandon?” my wife Clarissa said.


She knew me better than anyone. I must have told her a long time ago that I had no idea of how to make up scrambled eggs and bacon.

How about this dad,” my first daughter, Ashley said. “Show us what you can do, and we will believe you.”

Brilliant idea,” my second daughter, Laura said.

Oh, dad, you are in trouble now,” my son, Jake said.

I looked at my wife, and I saw that she was trying not to laugh out loud. My brain was working at the speed of light as I thought of a way to surprise and dazzle them at the same time. Then an idea surfaced.

I smiled and faced them. “You guys want proof right?”

Sure,” they all said.


I didn’t want to practice at home because I didn’t want my wife and kids, especially my kids, to know that I had learned how to cook. I also didn’t want to visit friends’ houses to practice. Even my secretary offered her kitchen, but I turned her down. I was determined to wait till we get to the pontoon boat to show my family what I can do.

For the rest of the week, I continued to read and cram the recipes and combining ingredients for the food. A day before the D-day, I purchased all the ingredients, which included bacon, eggs, cream, salt, white pepper, butter, chives, grated Parmesan cheese and so on. Then I was ready.

On the D-day, I woke up early, kissed my wife who was still sleeping and went for a bath. My ego and pride were on the line. I said a little prayer. When I returned to the room, my wife was already up.

Hmm, looks like someone is ready to prepare a wonderful delicacy today.” She said.

I am going to surprise everyone,” I said.

She laughed. “I hope so, baby.”


About an hour later, we were all ready. We all moved into the family car with the ingredients in the trunk, and I drove us to the harbor where my pontoon boat was anchored.

The boat was about forty feet, and it has an upper deck and a lower deck. There were two cabins and a small area for the galley. This was where I planned to prepare my special delicacy. We got all the ingredients on board, and son everyone settled in.

The ladies went upstairs to get a little sun while I stayed below and showed my son how to pilot the boat. I moved the boat away from the harbor and then showed him where to stop while I went to the galley.

I checked to make sure that no one was watching me. Then I brought out all the ingredients, lighted the gas stove and got to work. I started by gathering all the ingredients and then cooking the bacon in a large skillet.

The sway of the boat as it moved on the water calmed me, and I began to do all the things that I had read and crammed. As I worked, everything became vivid, and I became more confident.

My wife came down to check up on me three different times. “I just came to make sure that you are not burning down the boat,” she said.

I laughed. “Not gonna happen,” I said.

You need any help?” she asked.


I looked into her face and saw that she wanted me to succeed. I smiled and kissed her gently. “I have got this, don’t worry,” I told her. She returned upstairs.

I followed all the instructions that I had read. I checked up on my son for a few seconds and saw that he was doing fine. The boat had already stopped. I returned to the galley and completed the cooking.

I served the food into five different plates and put them on a tray. I called out to Jake, and we both moved upstairs where the ladies were already waiting. “Come and have the best food ever cooked on a pontoon boat,” I called out to them.

Soon, we were all seated, and the tucked eagerly into the food. The food looked beautiful, but the real quality can only be known in its taste. I watched their faces and reactions in the anticipation as they took the first taste.

Clarissa was the first to look at me. “This is superb, darling!” she said.

Really?” I asked, hoping she was not just saying that to console me.

Wow, dad,” Laura said, “This is super wonderful.”


Ashley said, “I have an idea. Let dad prepare all our food from now on.”

Seconded,” Clarissa and Jake said.

Hah, let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” I said.

Clarissa walked over to me. “You did a wonderful job, darling,” she said.

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