I won 20ft pontoon boat in poker game

While you pilot the pontoon boat, John will watch.

I thought about what she said, and I realized that it made sense. Let me start from the beginning. I am a private detective who uses his skills to find people who didn’t want to be found, people who were cheating on their spouses and people who have been kidnapped like my current case.

I had once been a cop before I found out that there are some rules I could not follow when trying to catch criminals. Before that, I was a marine. Katie had been my first client, and after helping her for free, she had been so grateful that she offered to work for me.

Since she was an expert computer hacker, I had been happy to accept her services. We have been together for four years now, and we have solved a lot of cases together.

Concerning our current case, it involved an 18-year-old girl who was adopted by some kidnappers. The parents had hired me to find her instead.

Unfortunately for the kidnappers, the kidnapped girl had a wristwatch that could be tracked. Katie had tracked it to one of the many small islands close to our location. The only way to get there unless we want to borrow a boat was to take my pontoon boat.

I had won the boat from a mob boss in a poker game. It was during an investigation that I was working on. I had been caught by the mob boss, and his goons and the only way to save my life was to win a poker game against him.

He played with 2000 dollars against my life. I won each time. It was one of the longest and scariest days of my life. He lost fifty thousand dollars to me that day. He decided to bet his pontoon boat against my life, and I won. He had to let me go eventually.

The pontoon boat was about 20ft with a very great engine. Although I didn’t know much about boats at first, I had fallen in love with this one. The exterior and interior designs were simply superb, not to mention the upholstery.

Ever since I got the boat, I had only taken it out on the lake just twice. Once to check out how it feels to pilot a pontoon boat and the other time to discuss with a client who wanted to talk in a very private place, as she called it.

Now, I was going to use the boat to save Alice, a daughter of a prominent family in the city. I realized that Katie was right. I could not go alone if I wanted to come out with the girl alive. I needed John.

John was my cousin. When his parents died, I had raised him myself and taught him a lot of the things I knew. I thought he would join me in my PI business, but instead, he had joined the police. I had been angry, and I felt he had betrayed me or something and I haven’t spoken to him for almost six months now even though we live in the same city and see each other in town several times. Perhaps, like Katie always says, maybe I was jealous that the rascal broke all my records in the police academy.

I faced Katie. “Okay, call him.”

She smiled coyly and picked up her phone to call John while I seethed quietly. I told myself that saving the girl took precedence over my feelings.

Two hours later, John and I were on the pontoon boat, heading towards the small island where the girl was taken to. John and I had greeted like long lost brothers when we saw each other. I didn’t know what came over me. I just realized that I had missed him a lot.

Then we got ready, readying our weapons and I piloted the boat while John had on his sniper rifle, ready to take out the enemy even if they spot us.

We are going in hot,” I told him.

I understand,” he said.

After about a half hour, we finally got to the small island. I slowed down the pontoon boat as John told me about sighting two armed men on shore. I told him what to do, and I speeded up the boat. John fired twice, and that told me that the armed men were down. John never missed.

I stopped the boat, and I ran to the shore, my pistol in front of me, while John covered me from the boat. Running inland, I soon found a large building and beside it the small shack the Katie had shown me on her computer.

There were two armed guards outside the shack. They were both smoking and discussing. I ran quickly towards them, and before they could lift their weapons, they suddenly went down, shot by John’s rifle.

I got to the door of the shack and fired at the padlock. I opened the door and found Alice tied and on the floor. She looked haggard.

I ran to her. “Alice? Are you okay?” She flinched when I tried to touch her. “It’s okay. My name is Mark, and I was sent by your parents to bring you home.”

Really?” she asked weakly.

Yeah, come on, we have to go right now.”

I helped her up, and we ran back towards the boat while John covered our exit. We all got on the boat, and I moved the boat back towards the city while John made a call to the Coast Guard.

I had always thought about selling the boat, but now I was glad I didn’t.

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