Pontoon Boating Water Phobia , Fishing Trip

My friends are planning to go for pontoon boating for an entire day. I have weird and anxious thoughts in my mind like what will happen if we drown? Or what will happen if I get a heart attack during the boating? Yes! I get such kind of weird thoughts. But still, I cannot say no to my friends. All our life we have been together. We have traveled to so many different countries and tried so many new things. I consider this to be one such adventure.

So yes! After discussing with my family, I finally decided to join my friends in this exquisite pontoon boating ride. I was excited, but as I said before, I was nervous too. More than anybody else, I had to take more precautions since I have a water phobia. The bare fact that I can drown and die make my palms sweaty.

But when I told about my problem to Mark, he said that I need to overcome my fears. So remembering those words, I took up all my courage for this ride. So as informed by Jones, who has a beautiful house near the river, I had to reach there 4 am sharp. I didn’t understand why so early? But I was eager to know. So I just reached there at 4 to find out what was really happening. There was this young guy along with Jones, probably below the age 25 standing with Jones. After all my friends joined, he started saying that he is welcoming us to this boating adventure and that he is the instructor who will join us throughout this trip.

I was shocked. How can this young guy with such little experience join us? That’s crazy! I mean yeah! He is active and all but still I prefer someone a little older and experienced. But then Jones told me that he had been doing this for a few months now and that he’s quite good. Also, Jones told me personally that pontoon boating is a safe thing and that this is only to spend some quality time with friends. He also told me to forget all my work pressures during this trip and stay calm and enjoy the enigma of this journey. I was kind of skeptical, but then again, I was really looking for to this trip, and I didn’t really want to hurt my friend’s feelings and not come for this just because I’m afraid of water.

So after the instructions given by Jacob, the young guy who’ll join us brought us near the boat. I have to say. It was a great boat, and also it looked in fantastic shape. Everything was well furnished, and it seemed like a fresh new boat. I stepped into the boat. The waves were already freaking me out. But somewhere down the line, I felt that the boat was quite sturdy and that it can withstand the waves. After all of us got in along with Jacob, Jacob started the boat. We were all thrilled. I had fear in me, but I tried to hide it with a Hugh smile on my face.

So hence, our long-term dream journey was underway. It was six in the morning. The weather was great. As we moved along, Jacob was telling us the different things and facts of pontoon boating. He told us the construction of the boat. I have to say! He has a lot of knowledge regarding this. As we move forward with our journey, he told the various things that we will be doing in this journey.

The first thing was sightseeing. The river had some great views, and Jacob told us that he would be taking us there. All the trees, the beautifully constructed houses and everything else was a delight for my eyes. The waves were strong, and my heartbeat was rising, but still, my calm face stayed there. I seriously don’t know how I am able to maintain this face expression. Now after sightseeing, Jacob told us that we will now be doing fishing. I was pleased to hear that. All my life since I was afraid of water, I never really went fishing. Even my dad used to call me for fishing. But fear never allowed me. God! I really regret that now!

So now Jacob brought me to a place where he told us that we could find many fishes. We prepared everything, and hence my fishing rod was ready. I kept the food for the fishes in it, and now I started fishing. Since childhood, I was a very impatient guy. Same here. I wanted to catch many fishes in the least possible time. But we waited for hours and hours. Now I was not getting any fish.

I wonder what Jacob thought when he told us that there are many fishes here in this part of the river. That’s when Mark finally got a fish. It was huge. Really huge. With his full power, he pulled the fish and bang! It was lying on the floor of the boat. It was not dead and was moving here and there on the floor. Mark with full enthusiasm got hold of the fish. But then something unexpected happened! The fish had very sharp fins, and hence Mark’s hand was cut. It was bleeding like anything. That’s when even something weird happened. Jacob saw this and started feeling dizzy. He said that he is afraid of blood. He started feeling uneasy, and in no time he passed out. Yes! Our instructor and guide were down and out!

The rest of us started searching for the medical kit. We found it and some way somehow, we managed to help Mark. His bleeding stopped after we applied the medicine and bandage. But still, Jacob was unconscious. I came near him and saw that he was not dead. He just had a panic attack. Now we were on our own. But we were also starving. We tried to wake Jacob, but he had no sign of waking. So we decided to let him stay there. The fish was finally dead.

We were very hungry, so we decided to cook the fish. None of us in our group was good at cooking. But we still managed to cut the fish. We decided to fry it. After we placed it on the pan, we turned the stove on. We let it cook over there. We didn’t have any clue onto how much time does it take for a fish to get cooked. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a cloth near the stove got on fire.

The fire was huge. We didn’t even know where the fire extinguisher was. Also, the fish now started burning, and so there was black smoke all over the boat. Our boat was filled with fish smoke, and also there was a Hugh fire. I was lying down there on the floor. Jacob was still lying there unconsciously. I had to do something to wake him up. Suddenly I saw a beer bottle which was not opened yet over there. I shook it up, and I opened the seal. The entire beer fell all over him. He got up as if he got a shock. He started looking here and there as if he reached some other planet. I shouted him and told that there is fire all over the place. He quickly came back to his senses and ran to get the extinguisher. I still don’t have a clue onto from which heaven did he bring the fire extinguisher.

He was finally able to extinguish the fire and also the smoke. The entire boat was ruined. Everything was here and there. We all got up to see if everyone were alright and nobody was harmed. And when something even worse happened. The boat was going down. Because of the fire, there was a small hole formed near the corner of the boat. Within no time, the boat was sinking. Jacob told us to get out of there. Since even the floating tube and the emergency boat was damaged because of the fire and smoke, we had no other choice other than jumping out of the boat.

We jumped. I too jumped out of the boat. As expected, I was drowning. But then, Jacob like a superhero came in my rescue. He grabbed me and brought me to the shore. All of us were saved. The rest of my friends came swimming. I have to say, even though this guy is afraid of blood and all, he’s an excellent swimmer. He saved my life. We all were quite injured. Jacob immediately called the ambulance.

And now, here I am writing this entire story to send to my wife. Today was one unforgettable day. I learned that we should never judge someone just because that person is afraid of something. This was a day which will be remembered.

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