How I Named My Pontoon Boat

One thing that I loved the most of all the things I own is my pontoon boat. I named it Salvation.

I had always been around boats since I was a kid and I had even take people on tours of some islands as part of my side job. I had also once worked on a ship as an assistant to the captain who was my uncle.

When I got older, and I had my own business importing and exporting, I needed something to do pass the time and to use as a form of hobby. I already had trusted people working for me so I figured that I could use a little ‘me’ time without having to worry about my work.

It was as if the water called out to me, urging me to come and spend time with it. I began to think about the ways by which I could spend a lot of wonderful time on the water, and the first thing that came to my mind was a boat. With a boat, the possibilities and the opportunities were endless.

I could fish on the boat or just relax on it, as it drifts out on the lake, maybe with some music on the stereo. It is a sign of a beautiful life. The next thing I did was think about the kind of boat I wanted. I had always loved pontoon boats, so I purchased one.

The pontoon boat was about 30 feet, and it was tastefully furnished. I fell in love with it at first sight. Because of the boat, I purchased a house that was located beside the river and which had its own small harbor and pier.

It was a normal thing for people who just purchased a boat to name their boat, but I wanted to test run the pontoon boat and then I would be able to determine the type of name I could give it.

One fateful day, I decided to carry out my mission. I got on the boat and piloted it into the river. After a few hours, I still had no inspiration. I decided to move farther into the river and maybe stop in the middle and do a little fishing.

A few minutes later, I was very far from shore. I stopped in a quiet place and brought out my fishing hook. I got a chair, set it on deck and began to fish. Suddenly, I saw a speedboat speeding towards me. There was a lady at the wheel. Behind the boat was another speedboat, which was bigger than the first and several men on it, shooting at the woman.

I tried to get a good look to see if I was not seeing things and then bullets thumped into the hull of my boat and I lost my balance. Before I knew it, I was in the water. The only thing I was thinking about was the fact that there were sharks in the water.

While in the water, I lost direction and I couldn’t see the bottom of my boat anywhere. Then I saw bullets speeding past my face. It was as if my heart flew to my throat. Why would they be shooting at me? I didn’t even know them.

I dived underwater and managed to escape the bullets. I was a great swimmer but I was sure that I couldn’t last long underwater, I needed to stay out of the water before I drown or get eaten by sharks.

I didn’t know where to surface. What if I surfaced right beside the shooters’ boat? That would be very bad. I didn’t come on my boat to die; I came to relax. I swam farther away from the area where I had almost been shot.

When I eventually surfaced, it was beside a rock. I didn’t know how I got to a rock and I couldn’t see anyone or anything around. I count find my boat and neither could I find the lady’s boat or the men who were shooting at her.

Where are they? I wondered. I tried to remember if I had seen a rock around when I was in the boat and before I fell in the water, but I couldn’t come up with anything. That was when I saw something moving in the water towards me. It was a shark!

The nearest place of solace was the rock, so I swam towards it. I looked back and saw that the shark was now moving quickly towards me. I reached the rock in time and climbed on it just as the shark snapped its jaws together, missing me by inches. I scrambled up the rock to avoid slipping back into the water.

The rock was about eighteen to twenty feet in height while its length was about twenty to thirty feet. I looked around and saw only one boat very far away. Even if I screamed, the people in the boat would never hear my cry.

I wondered what the shooters had done with my boat. They would have likely taken it away. I didn’t want to dwell on that. The most important thing was that I was still alive. Now, I had to wait for a boat to pass by. I wondered how long that would take. What if no boat or ship moved past here for a month. What would I eat? I couldn’t believe that my relaxation time turned into something terrible.

I watched in the horror as the ground began to move and saw creatures who were dressed in frightening costumes rise up from the ground. It was only when I saw the guns in their hands that I knew that they were probably killers.

Before they could raise their guns to shoot at me, I ran towards the other edge of the rock, and without looking to see how far it was to the water or if there was a rock at the bottom, I jumped. Bullets sailed overhead.

I screamed as I fell, not daring to looking down. The fall seemed to take about 24 hours. My landing was a surprise. I had thought I would either landed on a rock and get my body shattered or that I would land in the water and die from shock. However, I landed on something soft.

Although it almost took my breath away, it was cool to be alive. I realized that I had landed on my pontoon boat of all places. Where in the world did it come from? I heard the voices of the shooters above me. Instead of wondering about how my boat had appeared, I started the boat and sped away.

When I was in trouble and about to lose my life, the boat had saved me. It had been my salvation. That was why I named it Salvation.

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