Installing Stereo and Speakers on Pontoon Boat

He challenged me. He decided to bet his pontoon boat against the seven hundred thousand dollars I had won.

I considered his challenge. I had never had two hundred thousand dollars in hand on any given day not to mention seven hundred thousand dollars. Now, to bet the entire money against a pontoon boat.

Must I be crazy to consider it right? But I decided to take him on. I was confident that I would beat him.

I did. I won both the money and the pontoon boat. When I challenged once again, I decided that it was time to bounce. It was one of the most memorable days of my life. I changed a lot of things in my life with that money.

Richie and I picked up the boat from the man’s mansion, signed all the necessary documents and piloted the boat from his place and drove it to a friend’s pier. The day after that, we took the boat on the run on the lake. There were other boats on the lake.

The boat was about 40 feet, and it was tastefully furnished with the latest things, I figured that it had been designed according to the former owner’s wishes. Since I now had a lot of money, I planned to change things to my tastes.

One thing worthy of note was a particular boat on which were several beautiful ladies and handsome guys who seem to be having a party and a lot of fun. Emanating from the boat were wonderful songs with great beats.

I turned to Richie. “Hey Richie, how are they playing those songs?” I asked.

Richie laughed. “You are old, man,” he said. “They have stereo and speakers installed in their boat.”



I was baffled. “But this boat is new, and it should have stereo and speakers.”

Well, I heard that the former of this boat doesn’t like listening to music while he is on the boat.”

What a boring man. No wonder I was able to clean him out easily.” We both laughed. I determined that I would do everything to get stereo and speakers installed on my new boat.

Richie knew all the right contacts, and soon, he found a guy who could do it. The guy came over, and we both walked all over the boat. He asked me where I wanted to mount the stereo head unit. I didn’t want mine to be installed outside because I didn’t want to disturb the peace of others. I told him that I wanted it inside.

I also told him to mount the speakers inside when he asked. He told me that the speakers have to be placed far away from the ship’s compass. This is because speakers have magnets and they could interfere with the compass.

The guy got to work. He began to explain some of the things he was doing, and I tried my best to pay attention to him. He drilled some holes and then inserted the mounting sleeve in the hole. After that, he slid the head unit into the mounting sleeve.

After securing the unit with a mounting strap, he began the wiring of the head unit. Usually, when I didn’t know how to do something, I loved watching other people do that thing so that I can learn from them. However, as I watched this guy work on the installation, everything he did seemed complex to me especially when he stopped explaining.

My mind wasn’t really on what he was doing; instead, all I could think about was seeing myself piloting the boat on the lake, a bottle of beer in hand and the stereo and speaker working together to produce some amazing songs for me.

I watched the guy again run some cables and join some wires together. Soon, everything was ready. He asked me if I had a disk to insert in the player. I found one of my favorite songs which I had brought along for the purpose, and we inserted it into the player.

What happened next was a thing of beauty. The speakers got to work, and I didn’t even know when I began to dance. Richie and the installer even joined in. My boat was good to go.

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