My Pontoon Boat Accident Insurance Covered

I never took insurance seriously until I saw the wonders that it could do. I had often been introduced to different types of insurance from life insurance to car insurance and so on. I always ignored the advice from these people and convinced myself that all I had to do was be very careful and I would not need the insurance people.

Everything when I was faced with an accident that almost took my life. It was at that point that I realized that anything could happen at any time but with insurance, you have a chance of making things look almost the way they were before.

I learned the when a boat I used to you had an accident with a van. Now, I am sure you are probably wondering how that could be possible. A van moves on the road while a boat moves on water. How is it possible for a van and a boat to collide in an accident?

Well, it happened that I had taken my boat out on the river with some friends. We planned to do a kind of race with our boats to see the best of all the boats. Each of us had always bragged of having the best boat, and the race was a way to show who had bragging rights.

The plan was that we would do some little fishing and when it was time to go home, we would race our boats home. There were five of us which meant that we have five boats. The boats were pontoon boats. Pontoon boats were cool, so it had been very easy to pick them as a choice.

On that fateful day, we piloted our boats out on the river. And moved farther than we had ever moved before. We stopped our boats close to the longest and tallest bridge in the city.

We each sat on chairs on our boats and began to fish. As we did, we also chatted and told a lot of jokes. We had known one another for many years, so it was effortless for us to relate together. Fishing with close friends and also having fun and making jokes with them never gets old.

For about an hour, only two of us had managed to catch some fish. I was the best fisherman among the rest, so I was able to catch about seven fish. The only other person who was able to catch a fish was Darryl who caught only one. The rest had nothing.

As I caught each fish, I showed it to them, and we all laughed as I made a jest of them. I felt good about myself, and that also gave me the confidence that I could win the race back home with my boat.

Suddenly we heard the faint sounds of gunshots. We all looked at each other and wondered where the gunshots were coming from. Then we heard screams coming from the top of the bridge and screech of the tires of vehicles.

Just as I was wondering what was happening, a section of the bridge parted and between it came a big van. I stared in horror as it fell down towards me and my boat.

Matt!” My friends screamed.

My brain began to work, and in the few seconds it took the van to fall on my boat, I dived like I had never dived before into the water in my life. I launched myself out of my pontoon boat, far away and I landed in the water just as the van landed on the boat.

In the water, I felt a loud explosion and saw fire floating on the water above me. I had learned a long time ago that it was very to breathe underwater when the fire was moving above the water. I swam far away from the area of the water as I began to find it hard to breathe.

After swimming for a while, I felt strong arms pull me out of the water. My friends had been searching for me on their own boats. I was grateful to be alive. It was later that we found out that some gang members had stolen another gang’s cache of weapons and this had resulted to the car chase, or rather, the van chase, which also resulted in the van destroying my boat.

I was not the only one who had almost died. One of my friends, Richie had also been infected. Although he was farther away from my boat, his boat had also been destroyed in the explosion. However, unlike me, he got a new boat the very next day.

I must confess that I was a little bit jealous. I had no money to purchase a new boat so soon after the accident, but he didn’t even have to pay anything for his. I asked him about it and told me it had been covered in his insurance. He explained a lot of things to me about insurance and how it worked.

As I listened to him, I began to make the determination that I would take insurance seriously. Insurance was really cool, and you could get anything replaced once there was any damage.

Three months after the accident, I purchased another pontoon boat. This new one was bigger, sleeker, faster and tastefully furnished.

I was told about all the boat insurance policies and what it covers. These included bodily injury liability, compensation for boat vandalism, or theft, and collision damage among others. They checked out my deductibles, limits and so on, and I decided the coverage that I wanted for my beloved boat.

I was glad that I got the insurance for my new boat because two weeks after I got it insured, my older brother took it out for relaxation in the river. As he was returning, a ferry collided against it and the culprit didn’t even stop to apologize.

Only a part of the boat to damaged and insurance covered the cost of repairs.

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