25 Best Pontoon Boating Lakes in Minnesota

Minnesota is famous for having 10,000 lakes, but not all the lakes favor boating activities. Below are the best boating lakes in Minnesota.


Clearwater lake will give you a quiet environment and maximum fun. Statistics show that about 80% of the clearwater lake shoreline has private ownership. Different activities take place in the clear water lake.

Some tourists participate in boating activities, fishing and tubing activities. Vocational rentals located around the lake are available for short-term and long-term rent. You will also find canoes and kayaks to help you explore the lake’s surrounding and capture the beauty of clearwater lake.


For matters of comparison, we rank lake Mille lacs as the second-best lake you can swim, go boat riding as well as fishing. This lake is big enough as it provides ample space on the water where you can ride your boat.

The scenic view of this lake is unique as you will see how the shoreline yawns in the middle part of the lake are providing the best fishing time. The much fun you will get when boating in this lake will make your tour through the lake whether it is summer or winter season.


Lake Superior is the world’s largest freshwater lake that you will find in Minnesota that holds about one-tenth of all the freshwater globally. You will see Lake Superior in the northern border of Minnesota in cook county. For many years, visitors from the whole world are always visiting the Minnesota superior lake because of its richness in fish and beautiful beaches full of agate. Its vast size has ever given the tourists a chance to sail through using boats, especially on the north shores as there are lovely sceneries to watch.

Apart from the unique agate beaches and fish, the lake is incredibly unique because birds often migrate to this lake giving tourists more reason to visits the lake as they get a chance to watch the different species of birds.


Just like the name suggests, the big sand lake is uniquely beautiful as there are sandy beaches around. The big sand lake covers about 1600 acres in the northwest of Minnesota. The lake has clean, clear water, and woody vegetation surrounds the lake.

The big sand lake gives a quiet environment to the tourists and the locals because there is only two resort located around the lake and most of the neighboring land is privately owned. Most of the activities that most tourists engage in are boat riding as they watch the birds and snow skating.


Deer Lake is one of the best lakes you can do your boating activities in Minnesota. Deer Lake is in Itasca County and covers about 4156 acres. The people of Minnesota also refer deer lake as the clearest lake because of its clear view and clean water.

The clear visibility of this lake stretches up to 11feet which is not common in many lakes. The dimensions of the deer lake are about 5miles long and 1.5 miles in width. On a summer day, the deer lake turns into very bright blue-green color. The uniqueness in changing color as well as many islands provides a beautiful scenic view making the deer lake a must stop for your boating activities and swimming.


The size of the Boyer lake is relatively small, but many tourists who love to engage in canoeing activities love this lake. The boyer lake occupies about 383 acres in the Becker County. The presence of small islands and plenty of bays gives the visitors a chance to use canoes and kayaks to maneuver through the beautiful sceneries.

There are plenty of boats available for tourists as well as vocational rentals for accommodation purposes. During the winter season, tourists love to visit the boyer lake because they get to engage in activities like ice fishing and snowmobiling.


The burnt side lake is in the St. Louis County, and it occupies about 7000 acres. Most tourists visit the burnt side lake during warm days because they comfortably participate in boat riding and skiing on the water. The burnt side lake is highly famous for water sporting activities due to the absence of motor restrictions.

One primary characteristic of the burnt side lake is the ability to give a clear vision of about 20 feet because of the presence of clear water. There are about 150 islands in the lake, and many bird’s species use this lake for nesting purposes. Some of the unique amenities you will get to see are the sandy beaches, individual picnic tables especially for a honeymoon, and comfortable vocational rentals. If you want o experience a fantastic one-day trip to the lake then, choose the burnt side lake because it is near the international wolf center located in Ely.


Clamshell lake is the best fit for family and friends’ vacation. The lake occupies about 189 acres in the crow wing county. The most visible features in the clamshell lake are the sandy shorelines, clear water, and many different activities in the lake.

Once you visit the clamshell lake, you will get the paddleboats, kayaks and water trampolines. There are also designated places where your family can swim and engage in fishing activities to maximumly enjoy being at the clamshell lake. Near the lake is the Paul Bunyan state most loved by the bikers and having beautiful vacation rentals.


The crane lake is also located in the St. Louis county covering 3000 acres. The beauty of the crane lake is the fact that it is in an isolated part of wilderness characterized by surrounding trees, waterfalls, and unique, beautiful cliffs.

Tourists take advantage of the location of his lake to explore different species of trees and beautiful sceneries around the lake. Fishing is a historical activity that goes on in the crane lake. Tourists also explore the hidden treasures around the lake using canoes and kayaks. The unique aspect about the crane lake is that you get a chance to watch the wildlife on one on one.


The cross-lake is unique because it consists of 14 connected lakes. Many tourists visit the lake to participate in different recreational activities like swimming, boating and engaging in water sports. Tourists and the locals not only pay for the vocational rentals but they also do camp around the lake.

The many reational activities offered at the cross-lake give room for families to take their vacations there as well as honeymoon activities. During the winter season, many tourists visit the lake to have fun as they participate in ice fishing, skating and cross-country skiing.


The lake of the isle is one of the lakes which is easily accessed by the public. The lake covers about 120 acres. The isle lake is commonly used for ice skating especially in winter, canoeing during the summer season. You will find the isle lake at Parkway Minneapolis. The reason behind the development of this lake was to improve the quality of life of the Minneapolis residents.


Among all the lakes in this list, the rainy lake is the largest as it covers 221,000 acres. The rainy lake borders two countries, the united states and the northern part of Canada. The more significant portion of the lake is in Canada. The rainy lake is rich not only in size but also in the number of islands and shorelines. The lake has about 1600 islands and 930 miles of pure shores.

When you visit the lake, you will have access to the states national park called Voyageurs national park. The Voyageurs national park records a high number of visitors every day who visit to see waterfalls, unique trails as well as the fantastic wildlife. The large size of the lake will give you a chance to sail through and engage in fishing activities freely.


Andrusia lake forms part of the eight natural lakes commonly known as the cases chain. Andrusia lake is one of the lakes which empty its waters in the Mississippi River. Visitors love to visit the lake for recreational activities. Some of the recreational activities include boat riding and fishing activities.

The lake offers a high chance of exploring through thick vegetation because of the presence of Chippewa national park which surrounds the lake. When you maneuver through this forest, you will get to watch different species of animals like the bears.


Central Minnesota is the location you will get the farm island lake. The lake covers about 2000 acres, and it has three of the largest islands in Minnesota. The main activities that take place at the farm island lake are boating, water sporting activities and skiing.

There are public boats you can access for boating purposing. There are also comfortable vocational rentals to suit your family and friends. Fishers mostly prefer the farm island lake as they get to fish different varieties of fish.


Granite lake has a beautiful natural lakefront surrounded extensive coverage of about 353 acres. The uniqueness of this lake attracts thousands of tourists to is it the lake and participate in recreational activities like boating and fishing. The granite lake is in a quiet location which makes it an attractive site for the wildlife animals. Apart from participating in recreational activities, you also get a chance to watch wildlife animals like the beautiful eagles.


Pickerel Lake is one of the best outstanding lakes regarding the beautiful sceneries that surround the lake. The lake covers about 300 acres which is a bit low compared to other lakes. But wise men say that great things come in small packages which are right for the pickerel lake. The lake has different species of fish which makes the lake a significant attraction for the tourists.

Many recreational activities take place at the pickerel lake such as boating and fishing. Many fishers who want to explore different types of fish species visit this lake as they get to fish more and learn more. The tourists who have visited the pickerel lake have praised the unique and sweet taste of fish from the pickerel lake continuously.


You will find the beautiful gull lake at the central Minnesota which occupies about 10000 acres. The gull lake is famous for its deepness which makes it not favorable for swimming, especially for beginners.

Next to the gull lake is the prehistoric burial site where tourists also visit to view the site. You can go hiking around the lake, camping, fishing as well as boating. Gull Lake is also surrounding by several golf clubs which will make your visit to the lake more exciting and worth touring.


The Elmo lake is one of the cleanest lakes in Minnesota, and for this reason, it has for many years attracted tourists as well as the city dwellers. The clean and high maintenance of the lake allows the visitors to perform various activities like fishing, boating around as well as swimming. The Elmo lake in the eastern part of St. Paul in Minnesota. There are beautiful shorelines at the lake, but part of the shoreline is preserved as the Elmo park preserve.


Lake Minnewaska is part of the largest lakes in central Minnesota as it covers about 7000 acres. The big size of the lake gives accommodation for various recreational activities such as sailing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. The location of the lake strategic as it offers a quiet atmosphere for visitors who come with their families for vacation purposes.


The little boy lake occupies about 1300 acres in the northern part of Minnesota. What the easy access of the little boy lake makes is more convenient for visitors to choose to visits. Various activities go on at the little boy lake some of them were exploring the surrounding wildlife, boating around the lake and ice fishing during the winter season. The little boy lake is convenient for families and friends’ joint activities. If you want to enjoy fully, I would highly advise you to visit the little boy lake in Minnesota.


The pelican lake is famous for its preserved traditional heritage in central Minnesota. The size estimations are that the lake occupies more than 8000 acres. The big size of the pelican lake ‘gives ample room for conduction of different creational activities.

Some of the recreational activities you can participate at the pelican lake include the water sporting activities, boat riding, paddle boarding and all the kinds of recreational activities you may have in mind. During the winter season, visitors love to play around the frozen lake.


The lake3 covers about 5300 acres, and it has a gourd shape. Most of the shoreline of the lake is owned privately, and the others are left for the public. One great feature that dominates in this lake is fishing activities. Visitors come to Minnesota to visits the rush lake so that they engage in activities like swimming, water sports activities, and boating. There are plenty of vocational rentals for those who want to spend more than one day.


The ten miles lake occupies about 5000 acres of the northwest part of Minnesota. The ten-mile lake is one of the deepest lakes in Minnesota having an estimated depth of about 200 feet. The deepness of the lake is a massive attraction to the divers because they dive in deep waters. Fishing activities and boating are the main recreational activities that take place around the ten miles lake. The lakefront is spacious enough for camping.


In central Minnesota sits the beautiful, excellent whitefish lake. The great whitefish lake occupies about 13,000 acres having almost 120 miles of the shoreline. While at the whitefish Blake, you will observe different unique species of birds.

Some of the activities at the Whitefish Lake include hiking, boating and watching birds as they sing their sweet melodies. The shoreline of the lake gives the whitefish lake a unique view as it holds camping activities and there are lots of luxurious rental houses visitors can rent. If you want to enjoy maximumly with your family and friends, I highly recommend you visit the Whitefish lake in Minnesota.


The woman kale chain is unique as it gets formed by four other lakes. The dimensions of the woman lake chain are about 5500 acres located in the cases county. All the lakes that water the won lake chain are tourist’s attraction sites for visitors regardless of their age.

Some of the activities most visitors engage in include boating, skiing, paddling sailing through the waters. Fishing activities are one of the main activity’s visitors love to participate in when they visit the woman lake chain because the lake is known for its endless fish.as much as the woman lake chain and the girl lake chain are popular, do not get confused on the best lake to visits.


The boating lakes located in Minnesota can pose a significant challenge to an individual because they seem almost to have the same qualities. To be in a position to decide on the lake to visit in Minnesota, consider the following aspects:

The lake coverage

It is evident that you need a vast lake which will offer the best space for your recreational activities. One of the main reason people visit the lakes is to participate in reactional activities. Choose the lake that has extensive water coverage to enjoy maximumly.

The available reactional activities

Some of the lake managers have put strict rules on the number of recreational activities a visitor can participate. Or this reason, choose a lake that offers a wide variety of recreational activities so that the trip will be worth.

The surrounding area

Choose a lake located in a serene quiet environment. The peaceful atmosphere will give you a breathtaking opportunity whereby you can relax well.

The general conditions of the lake

A well-maintained lake will have clean, clear water providing high visibility level. A well-managed lake will make you feel secure to stay at the lake as well as make you capture great memories from the lake. Always remember that your lake visits should be one worth remembering at all times because in most cases, the visit will take place during your vocational tour. Carry a camera to capture great moments from your vacation. Friends and family will make your lake visits more exciting.



Lake visits are always great, especially when making a first-time visit. For this reason, you should still make sure that you plan your lake visit well. Assemble everything you need before taking off for the lake visit. It is highly advisable to engage in many different recreation activities so that you record great moments at the lake.

What Minnesota commonly called the land of 10,000 lakes gets ranked on top in providing the best boating lakes in the world. It actually has more than 10k lakes. If you are planning on where to take your family for a relaxing vacation, consider visiting the different lakes in Minnesota. Based on the many unique lakes in Minnesota, I highly recommend Minnesota lakes to all visitors planning for great recreational activities.

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