19 Best Pontoon Boating Lakes in New York

The best boating lakes in New York are as follows.


1. Great Sacandaga Lake

You have missed adventure, and you want to take your boat out and watch out for wildlife. Your search is over because the Great Sacaganda Lake is the best choice in New York for you. It is located near the Adirondack Park’s fringes.

The Great Sacaganda Lake is 29 miles. This categorizes it among one of the biggest lakes in Adirondacks. If you also want to see wildlife, you may spot eagles flying over you in this beautiful boating lake.


2. Thousand Islands

The Thousand Islands Lake is another feature that is among the best boating lakes in New York. This lake is situated near the St. Lawrence River and to the east side of Lake Ontario. You could visit many places while on Thousand Islands such as quaint cottages, lighthouses, and historic castles.

There are also commercial boats that use this route, and it would be awesome for you to experience this stunning grandeur.


3. Lake George

If you are in the North East part of New York, you should consider visiting this beautiful place for a boating experience. Lake George has been named as one of the best boating lakes in New York. This can be proven by the fact that it is referred to as million-dollar beach. You will enjoy too much beauty on Lake George with other boating enthusiasts to want to leave New York.


4. Chautauqua Lake

If you do not fancy boating in great water bodies, then the Chautauqua lake is a good place for you. It is in the west part of New York and borders the Lake Erie on its eastern side.

On this lake, you will find paddle boarders, kayaks, and all other boaters. This guarantees you an awesome boating experience. It is 17 miles long. This stretch is more than enough for a boat experience for sure.

It gets better especially for a tourist to hear that, there are rented boats. So if you are a tourist, do not worry about where to get a boat. You could go to Chautauqua lake and have fun with other boaters.


5. Otesgo Lake

It is registered as Otesgo lake although not many people would get it the first time you ask for directions to this place. This is because to the locals in New York, and this lake is called Glimmerglass.

You would understand where this name was coined from if you visited this scenic lake. It has deep blue water that is reflecting perfectly and surrounds rolling hills.

There are also fun sports for a family setting like museums and a baseball joint. For adults, there is a winery. The Otsego lake is situated on a picturesque lake, and this beauty is unmatched.

There are also rental boats here for travelers in New York who love the boating experience.


6. Saranac Lake

What a better place to go to for a boating experience if not the Saranac Lake? This is not just a single lake but many lakes interconnected and this makes it a perfect place for you. It is 24 miles long and has beautiful views for you to enjoy.

There are openings on several sides that allow for easy access through the Saranac Lake. You can have enjoyed other adventure types because of the availability of; vagrant rope swings, small islands, and sandy beaches.


7. Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor

You do not need a mule to cross the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor. You could enjoy a boat experience as you learn about the history of this great lake in New York.

This feature connects lakes, rivers, and canals and it cuts through New York State and includes geographical features that seize a moment in the history of the country. If you are an undeterred adventurer, you could enjoy many other activities other than boating. These activities include; cruises, motor boating, and kayaks.


8. Skaneateles Lake

If you love antique, vintage, and sailing in your boating experience, the Skaneateles Lake is your surest bet in New York. If you have not planned your trip to this place, you will consider making it coincide with their annual festival in honor of boat craft.

This lake has scenic places and features among most preferred boating spots in New York. The water is so fresh that it is used as unprocessed drinking water in the neighboring towns.


Conesus Lake

Honeoye Lake

Avalanche Lake

Lake Erie

North-South Lake

Ashokan Reservoir

Lake Champlain

Skaneateles Lake

Keuka Lake

Lake Tiorati

Canadice Lake

Cayuga Lake


New York is a great city with many points of interest for either tourists or locals during weekends. It is a big city, and it can get extremely stressful to keep to a routine year in year out. The scenic places and lakes are a great choice to relieve the pressure. If you were in New York, you would have to diarize where you will visit each day, because these places are many and they are all beautiful.


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