21 Best Pontoon Boating Lakes in Arizona

Here are some of the best lakes found in Arizona where you can go boating and have all the fun.


1. Lake Pleasant Regional Park

Lake Pleasant is the largest in Phoenix and every boaters dream. The Park offers a wide variety of equipment and creative options. With a surface area of close to 12 square miles and a 180-kilometer shoreline, Lake Pleasant has much to offer to boaters. This is a major recreational center in Phoenix, Arizona. It has a great reputation in offering great boating and fishing spaces. The most common fish species are White bass, Sunfish, Crappie and the popular Tilapia among others.

This lake boasts amazing sceneries you will enjoy while boating. The surrounding area is great for hiking, picnicking, mountain biking, and camping. A couple of Marinas on the shoreline offer boat rentals, storage, and mooring. You will refuel and refill your supplies for the day without a hassle. There is also a shop and a restaurant for your wildest needs.


2. Apache Lake

Apache Lake is among the reservoirs built along the Salt River. It is located 104 kilometers northeast of Phoenix along the Apache Trail of the Tonto National Forest. Here, boating and fishing are the main activities for visitors and nature enthusiasts. Species of fish available here include largemouth bass, Crappie, Channel catfish, Walleye, and Sunfish among others. There are three motels on the shoreline, an RV Park and restaurants. This means that you have plenty of supplies and resources for whatever you need. Many trails are surrounding the lake for hiking. You will enjoy the amazing sceneries from your boat throughout your time on this lake.


3. Saguaro Lake

Like Apache Lake, Saguaro Lake also sits on the Salt River along the Tonto National Forest. It extends into Maricopa County and offers a great place for boating with amazing views for the boaters. The stunning natural landscapes make it a picturesque lake. Saguaro Lake sits at 459 meters above sea level and offers a warm environment for most of the year. It offers facilities for many fun activities such as sailing, jet skiing, water skiing, and Kayaking. The marina offshore is consisted of a restaurant, restrooms, boat ramps, and picnic tables. Along the 35-kilometer shoreline is also a beach named Butcher Jones where swimmers flock.

It has a reputation for great fishing with a wide range of species such as largemouth bass, yellow bass, Crappie, Channel catfish, Tilapia, and a Plethora of other species. There is enough space on this lake for a quiet and alone time for you as you enjoy its serenity. If you visit Arizona, this is not a place to miss especially for nature enthusiasts.


4. Theodore Roosevelt Lake

The lake was named after the late president, Theodore Roosevelt. This is an important reservoir for the residents of Central Arizona. This is the second largest lake covering over 8,600 hectares and over 205 kilometers of shoreline. The most common activity on this lake is fishing because there is a great variety of fish species. Carp, Crappie, Sunfish, Smallmouth Bass, and Channel. This is home to the endangered Willow flycatcher bird—a neotropical migrant. Around the lake is the Arizona National Scenic Trail. This spectacular surrounding makes your boating experience amazing.

Lake Theodore Roosevelt is a great place for boating if you love the warm sunny environment. There is no crowding here, and you can fun in peace. It makes one of the best places for vacation especially in retirement. You will not be distracted by other activities and events like in lakes close to cities. This is a unique lake with a marina on the shores for your docking. There are plenty of boats to rent and camping facilities.


5. Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is a salt River reservoir lake located on State Route 88 16 miles off the Apache Junction. Boating here will give you a chance to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the mountainous background. There are rentals and loads of supplies and equipment for your convenience. The residents love boating hence the abundance of boat ramps available.

If you love to fish, you will be exposed to Walleye, largemouth bass, bluegill, catfish, Crappie, Yellow bass, and rainbow trout among others. Other recreational sites include the Acacia Picnic site, Boulder Creek, and the Palo Verde sites. These resources are open to the public all year round at no charge.


Lake Mead

Lake Havasu

Horseshoe Lake

Fool Hollow Lake

Hawley Lake

Lake Powel

Luna Lake

Alamo Lake

Bartlett Lake

Becker Lake

Big Lake

Chevelon Canyon Lake

Lake Marinez

Lake Mary

San Carlos Lake

Show Low Lake


Arizona offers its good share of lover’s boating opportunities in the extreme southwest of the country. It has the mountains, flatlands, a large wide desert, as well as rivers. The diverse terrain and climate give the state spectacular sceneries. Other diversities in Arizona include the Indian reservations, forests, towering peaks, and large cities. Perhaps the most popular feature is the Grand Canyon known around the world. Although there is no coastline here, there are many great lakes to offer a chance to go boating.


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