23 Best Pontoon Boating Lakes in Missouri

Lake of the Ozarks

The shape of this lake is unique hence its nickname, Magic Dragon. The smooth and beautiful beach makes it popular for sunbathing and swimming. If you love underwater and exploring marine life, this is the place. Of course, you have to get appropriate gear including boats to explore deep parts of Lake of the Ozarks. The underground world is magical. Boats are available in all variety including yachts. In fact, there are boating lessons for visitors and beginners. Adventure boat rentals are one of the services offered by the Ozark Yacht Club for incredible experiences on your vacation. There is also a Netflix series about the area which is fantastic.


Stockton Lake

Recreation facilities and water sports are unlimited around this lake. The shoreline goes for at least 300 miles to cover most of the Stockton State Park. Actually, a peninsula is at the center of the lake. Besides the scenic views and peaceful environment offered by the lake, boating activities are in abundance. There are not only sailing lessons at affordable prices but also numerous boats for rental for your own adventure. While after training you are allowed to adventure alone in the water, a guide will best suit you for more adventure. At least you know of where to spot for fishing. The mountain biking and horse riding can come after you have exhausted all elements of boating fun.

Mark Twain Lake

Northeastern Missouri is probably popular because of this lake. Water activities and other recreational facilities around the shore are immense. The smooth sand beach extending several meters from the water is exciting. If you like sunbathing the whole day, Mark Twain Lake won’t disappoint. However, the ultimate fun and experience of the lake are on the north shore thus one of the best boating lakes in Missouri.

Indian Creek Marina offers varied services for boating enthusiasts. Water skiing and inflatable tubes are available for rental. Obviously, diverse boat types including boat ramps are offered on this shore. After quick lessons by locals who are the experts, you are free to hunt catfish. Fishing is a major fun activity on the shore. Besides catfish, bass, walleye, and sunfish are available in plenty among other species.

Longview Lake

The outskirts of southwestern Kansas City hosts Longview Lake renowned for all types of boating activities. Kayaks, canoes, fishing boats, pontoon boats, and pedal boats are all available for hire in this part of Missouri. The locals here are experts in fishing; you will learn a lot as you sail over the Longview Lake. The popular type of fish on the lake include bluegill, carp, channel catfish, and largemouth bass.

In addition to boating, the east side of Longview Lake is an amazing nature trail mainly for cycling. On the other side of the lake is a beautiful sandy beach for swimming and sunbathing. Be sure to pass by the Longview Lake Horse Park to catch the equestrian show.

Lake Taneycomo

Fishing is well taken care of in this part south of Missouri. Actually, it is renowned as a world-class fishing point for all fish species. Fishing boats and pontoon are all available for rent. In addition to the boats, there are numerous cleaning stations and piers for shore fishing that enhance your experience on the boat. Rainbow trout and brown trout are widely available. The crews are organized on the shores; the organized Marina offer guided boat trips to best sports for fishing.

Table Rock Lake

The lake defines boundaries between southwestern Missouri and Arkansas. It is easily accessible through Table Rock State. While it is a beautiful and luxurious spot for sightseeing and water activities, the lake is widely renowned for boating. Fishing boats, kayaks, canoes, rent powerboats as well as stand-up paddle boards are all available on the lake.


Lake Jacomo

Fellows Lake

Pomme de Terre Lake

McDaniel Lake

Norfork Lake

Pomme De Terre Lake

Smithville Lake

Table Rock Lake

Wappapello Lake

Blue Springs Lake

Bull Shoals Lake

Council Bluff Lake

Harry S. Truman Lake

Lake Jacomo


Also, the park dive shop on the shore offers varied lessons on Scuba diving and other tools needed for exploring the deepest parts of the lake. As people go hiking and biking around the lake, maximize on boating and sail with American Parasail for incredible bird’s view. The thrill over this lake is incomparable.

Missouri is renowned for the diverse landscapes that range from Till plains dissected by rivers to the Ozark Mountains. Its central location in the United States of America makes it popular because of easy accessibility. Eight states land lock Missouri.

Besides its landscape beauty, the state has rich wildlife and birds. Flora and Fauna in this Midwestern state include trees, reptiles, shrubs, mammals, and fish. Additionally, a large part of Missouri is covered by rivers, lakes, and freshwater. If you love boating, there are endless options for you here.

Take a look at the best boating lakes in Missouri to enhance your adventure.

You should not leave Missouri without experiencing the magic and its beauty at any of the best pontoon boating lakes in Missouri.

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