9 Best Pontoon Boating Lakes in Illinois

The North America state is unique because of its diversity. It is not only rich in wildlife, highlands, metropolis, and flat prairie lands but also water bodies. At least 6,000 square kilometers of Illinois is made of water. If you intend to visit the state at least, you should know about Lake Michigan, and it is the largest in the state. Illinois is renowned for its endless fun and beauty around the water bodies. While the lakes offer serenity and tranquility suitable for a vacation, boating guarantees you ultimate fun in the state.

Almost all lakes offer boating activities in this state, but they vary in resources. Here are the best boating lakes in Illinois.


1. Lake Shelbyville

The fact that Eagle Creek State Park borders the lake makes it a popular destination for tourists. Locals in this Northern part of America also flock the lake during weekends to be part of the constant fun on the water. Besides being home to five federal campgrounds, the lake offers numerous boating activities and services. It is located at the heart of Shelby County, which explains the attention it draws to itself.

The surrounding area is heavily forested; the breeze and peace within the boundaries make it appropriate for sailing. Air balloons from the highest point in Shelby County are near the lake. Marians also surround the lake. If you need sailing lessons and renting of boats, the services are readily available on the southern shore.

The lake is renowned for fishing throughout the year. Whenever you think it is your chance to adventure and enjoy the beauty of nature while on a boat, Lake Shelbyville should be your first choice. Private fishing boats, canoes, and yachts are allowed; or you can rent. 45 square kilometers makes its flexible for all kind of activities.


2. Lake of Egypt

The lake is a result of damming of the Saline River. Since 1962, the lake has been functioning as a gathering point for boating enthusiasts every weekend. It was previously open for all kind of boats. Its popularity led to the involvement of corporations; currently, it is run and managed by the Southern Illinois Power Cooperative (SIPC). It is only private by virtue of its establishment, but everyone has access to its beauty and boating experiences.

Other than jet skiing and swimming, fishing is a popular activity on this lake. Common fish that guide boats will focus on while on your first sail will be channel catfish, bluegill, largemouth bass, and crappie.

After the incredible boating experience, the east side of the lake offers amazing grounds for scenic views of the lake overnight. The Shawnee National Forest guarantees you an amazing wild experience of sounds and beauty as you reminisce of the day’s fishing.


3. Rend Lake

The shoreline extends to thousands of kilometers. 260 kilometers of this is home to the Wayne Fitzgerrell Recreation Area renowned for fishing. The varied species on the lake offer of fish range from Carp, Crappie, Largemouth, and bluegill. While they are in plenty, you need guidance to specific spots, which can only be identified by professional sailors in the local area. It is a big muddy river also known for swimming.

Visitors have a place to interact with local guides and gather souvenirs from artisan shops around the lake. Apart from fish boats, canoes are also common in this lake. Fun in boating is about you identifying a specific activity and distance you wish to cover; this determines the suitability of a boat.

Boating is interesting if you have the right gear, confidence and the right crew.


4. Devil’s Kitchen Lake

Damming of Grassy Creek was the beginning of this lake. The location of this lake explains its popularity across the world. It is one of the best boating lakes in Illinois. The flat landscape ensures smooth flow over the water as the boat submits to the direction of the wind. Most people get creative while on the water to start experiencing fishing. While the bottom design is well defined, the sharp slopes and deep sandstone valleys are unique every time.

The lake is renowned for rainbow trout fishing. Besides, the common species for fishing include crappie, bluegill, and largemouth bass.

The shores are customized to accommodate different boats. The areas are also launching areas for motors within the ten horsepower. While the lake bottom is soft and safe, swimming is prohibited. Other than boating, swimming is prohibited. Boating in this lake is about keeping your priorities clear and maximizing on your time. Most sceneries can be seen while on the boat hence automatic adventure for any kind of tourist.

Boating is common in this part of America; however, you have to identify and go to the best boating lakes in Illinois for ultimate experience on the beauty of this lake.


5. Carlyle Reservoir

6. Lake Michigan

7. Spring Lake

8. Kinkaid Lake

9. Lake Springfield


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