Best Pontoon Boating Lakes in Colorado

If you are a Colorado local or visiting, and a boating lover, you should know there are endless options for fun. Whether you are in boating for leisure or fishing, the State offers more than 2,000 lakes that range from small to wide reservoirs in different parts of Colorado. Actually, you might be stranded on choosing a suitable lake for boating because of the multiple options that offer relating services and standards of entertainment. Most of the state is covered by water hence plenty of activities.

Here is a selection of the best pontoon boating lakes in Colorado to help in narrowing down your options:


Grand Lake

The water volume and depth present this glacial lake as the largest natural lake. If you like nature, this lake will offer you the magic. It is best for relaxing and therapy boasting. Its location also attributes to its popularity; it borders the Rocky Mountain National park hence more than water therapy. You can watch the mountain peaks beyond the grand lake. The lake is large; it offers plenty of views on either side of the lake for a whole day therapy.

Boating in the lake is suitable for everyone as long as you are enthusiastic about the idea of sitting for long in a boat. Whether you are doing it for the first time or own a boat, the Grand Lake is the ultimate destination for you. It is an everyday choice for some renowned boaters.


Chatfield Reservoir

The number of natural lakes in Colorado are incomparable; however, boating has nothing to do with the exclusivity of natural lakes. Chatfield like other human-made reservoirs was constructed for this specific purpose. The primary aim for construction of the lake was to prevent flooding in the area. Some consider Chatfield as the best boating lake in Colorado.

The state allows private boats as well as offers numerous boats for beginners and one-day enthusiasts. Besides, there are boats for rent including pontoons, which demonstrates the main business in this human-made lake. The increasing popularity of Chatfield has necessitated expansion plans that intend to increase the size by at least 500 acres as well as 12 feet deep. Since its establishment in 1966by Army Corps, the lake has been popular for boating. The tourist level is still on the rise; the completion of enhancement and expansion plans is likely to increase this number by a huge percentage.


Sloan’s Lake

If your home is on the far end of the state, Denver can be a great option for your boating needs. It offers both motoring and non-motoring boats. It is relatively shallow but offers everything a boating enthusiast is expecting in a lake. Boating is more of an experience rather than the activity. With the Denver option, the lake is only open for boating between April and November. If you are planning to tour this state and pass by Colorado, make prior arrangements with the boating office for booking. The lake is relatively small and the only one in Denver hence highly competitive. Besides, the dates are not definite; they can change depending on climate and other aspects. It is important to research, consult, and book if you intend to go boating in Sloan’s Lake.


Granby Lake

The Lake is beautiful. This is specifically for therapy and fun. You will enjoy boating on this lake if you are alone or with one or two friends. The Lake is quiet and corresponding to its calm nature guarantees you ultimate fun. Lake Granby Yacht club made this lake popular because of its passion that influenced other people in Colorado. This was early in the 19th century before a dam was constructed to make it more than 7,000 acres. There is more than enough room for boating; congestion has never been an issue with boaters here because of the huge size of the Lake.

The Yacht club is renowned for its commitment and passion for boating. However, guests in the state are not tied to joining the club. As a traveler, you have an option of renting or chartering a boat for any number of days you wish to be on the lake.


Cherry Creek Reservoir

Since 1950, people near Denver have been enjoying the convenience and fun from this reservoir. The size of the lake is also suitable for all levels of boaters; beginners, intermediates, and advanced boaters have something to learn from the lake’s simplicity. Besides, its popularity is attributed to its location; it takes less than 20 minutes from Denver to get to this lake and enjoy fun with boating.

The lake is also renowned for non-motorized options; it among the best boating lakes in Colorado suitable for people who prefer a laid-back boating experience. To some people, boating is for therapy, which the motored boats can be too fast for the mind.


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