15 Best Pontoon Boating Lakes in Wisconsin

With Lake Superior to the north and Lake Michigan to the east, Wisconsin has fairly varied natural features. It assembles in the Midwest and Great Lakes areas and is the home to woods, mountains, countryside, and towns.

The state is recognized as ‘America’s Dairyland’, as it is one of the republic’s best dairy makers. Still, it is the lakes that pull in travelers. Water regeneration is likewise an important point for the residents, which would not be conceivable if it did not have so various lovely lakes. Here is the list of the top lakes for pontoon boating in the Wisconsin:


1. Lake Winnebago, Fond du Lac County

The state’s biggest internal lake, the Lake Winnebago is recognized to be one of the top areas in North America to do fishing for the fish family sturgeon. It too has a great population of yellow pike, the northern pike, and perch.

The fishing is not the single motive to visit this beautiful lake. The 137640-acre lake is too home to the gazebos, picnic tables, boat launch slopes, and a small enjoyment park.

High Cliff State Park locates alongside the northeast beach of the Lake Winnebago and proposes camping, trekking and the picnic ranges. It even claims a public shore!


2. Lake Pepin, Goodhue and Wabasha counties

The biggest lake on Mississippi River, the Lake Pepin locates exactly at the boundary of Wisconsin and neighboring Minnesota. This lake is recognized as the origin of the water skiing, as native Ralph Samuelson designed the game here in the year 1922.

One more exciting thing about the Lake Pepin is that it is the residence to the single functioning lighthouse on the whole Mississippi. The lighthouse locates at the Lake City Marina on Minnesota side.

In adding to the water skiing, the fishing is commonly loved at the lake. The largemouth bass, yellow perch, Walleye, and sauger are certain of the fishes that are caught maximum by people.


3. Petenwell Lake, Adams, Juneau, and Wood counties

At 22980 acre, the Petenwell Lake is Wisconsin’s 2nd biggest lake. It was constructed in the year 1948 with the building of the hydraulic dam, and however, currently, it is likewise used for entertaining doings.

Cruising, the water skiing, and the fishing are general doings that are liked on a lake. It is likewise a decent location to look for the bald eagles.

There is not very much of growth around the Petenwell Lake, with a maximum of its beach being not fully formed woodland. There are entertaining parks alongside both the borders of the lake, whereas a campsite can be established on the west shore.


4. Lake Mendota, Dane County

The town of Madison locates on the exact south side of the Lake Mendota, with the beach in the town being spotted with costly apartment houses and homes. But, one of the Lake Mendota’s central features are the five seashores, 3 of which have rescuers.

Lake tourists can simply enter it from one of its communal boat landings. As of this, the fishing activity is pretty general, with the musky, northern pike, panfish and largemouth bass being in great quantity.

The Governor Nelson State Park locates on the northwest beach of the Lake Mendota. Here, tourists will discover the picnic areas, a park and almost 13 kilometers of tracks.


5. Lake Michigan, Brown County

One of the 5 Great Lakes, it is terrible not to remark the Lake Michigan when discussing the bizarre lakes in Wisconsin. This is a huge lake, with eighteen Wisconsin towns locating alongside its beach.

The Lake Michigan is the main traveler fascination, with the sailing, diving, kite surfing, and kayaking all being existing. It is likewise a great site to go for the fishing.

There is similarly a quantity of the remarkable seashores alongside the beaches of the Lake Michigan, counting the North beach, the Schoolhouse Beach and the seashore at Point Beach State Forest. Likewise alongside the beaches are the wonderful the Kohler-Andrae State Park and the Whitefish Dunes State Park.


6. Minocqua Lake, Oneida County

The 1360 acre vast size Minocqua Lake locates in the ‘Lakeland’ region of northern Wisconsin. The Minocqua Lake is a common point in both the winter and the summer.

The Minocqua Lake is recognized for its awesome swimming, boating and water skiing. The fishers gather here to hook the panfish, musky, walleye, smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass.

In the winter season, the Minocqua Lake is a decent area to go motor sledding and the ice fishing. There are hut hires and resorts alongside its beach that are general area to visit.


7. Castle Rock Lake, Adams and Juneau County

The Castle Rock Lake is linked to the Petenwell Lake, which was likewise built when the dam was constructed. It is a lake manufactured by man that has a complete exterior area of 16630 acres.

Maximum of the Castle Rock Lake’s beach is totally undeveloped, marking it a good area to love the fishing. Crappies, white walleyes, and white bass are in abundance, although there are also bass, panfish, and northern pike.

The water skiing is similarly pretty popular at the Castle Rock Lake, as is calling on one of its seashores. The Castle Rock Lake is to home to the Buckhorn State Park.


8. Lake Superior, Ashland County

One more one of the 5 Great Lakes, part of the share of the Lake Superior that locates inside Wisconsin is the famous, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. There is likewise a figure of towns alongside its beach.

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is founded up of twenty-one diverse islands. The 69372-acre site is home to the lighthouses, woods, stone caves, and many wildlife animals.

Camping out and trekking can be loved on nearly entirely of the islands, as can catching fish and caving. There are likewise a number of remarkable areas, counting the Devils Island Lighthouse, Michigan Island Lighthouse and Sand Island lighthouse.


9. Allequash Lake, Vilas County

The Allequash Lake locates inside the Forest of the Northern Highland American Legion State. The 416-acre Allequash Lake’s deepest location is around 7 meters, marking it a very widespread lake for the fishing.

There is a great quantity of the panfish and the musky, though walleye, northern pike and largemouth bass are common. Persons that favor not to go fishing can go trekking in the woods.

There are camping out lands in the woods that are good for anybody that desires to rest below the stars. Visit this lake in the winter and appreciate cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.


10. Lake Wingra, Dane County

The Lake Wingra is a minor, but the lovely lake that is situated inside the town of Madison. The University in the Wisconsin–Madison Arboretum locates on the west and south side of the Lake Wingra’s beach.

The Lake Wingra is an essential fishery, recognized mainly for its big muskellunge. There is likewise a great quantity of the largemouth bass, northern pike and panfish.

The Vilas Park Beach locates alongside the north side of the Lake Wingra, as locate Henry Vilas Zoo and the Wingra Park. If we look completely, it is a beautiful area to pass an afternoon.


11. Lake Chippewa, Sawyer County

Moreover recognized as the Chippewa Flowage, the 15298 acres Lake Chippewa is greatly considered for its remarkable natural setting. The Lake Chippewa is an imitation lake that was initially occupied in the year 1924.

The Lake Chippewa is the 3rd biggest lake in this state. Its beach is spread with not fully formed islands that aid to make the superb setting that it is recognized for.

The Lake Chippewa is too recognized for its excellent angling, providing certain of the best walleye fishing in the whole state! It is likewise a good area to go bird seeing, trekking, camping out, cross-country skiing and canoeing.


12. Lake Monona, Dane County

Likewise located in the town of the Madison, the Lake Monona is the 2nd biggest lake alongside the Yahara River. The Lake Monona is over 3212 acre and claims seven seashores.

There are five boat slopes alongside the beach of the lake, plus a small number of ski jumps that are widely used for the ski shows. Persons that love to go fishing will be capable of launching a boat and going fishing for largemouth bass, sturgeon, panfish, and northern pike.

An exciting detail about the Lake Monona is that Otis Redding deceased here when his aircraft collided into it in the year 1967. The only survivor of the bang was the trumpeter, Ben Cauley.


13. Turtle-Flambeau Flowage, Iron County

The 12940 acre Turtle Flambeau Flowage is a main summertime traveler location. The Turtle-Flambeau Flowage Lake is the home to 4 boat landings, plus sixty campgrounds and a number of lakeside resorts.

The sailing, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming are a number of things that tourists do at this lake. It is likewise a general spot for fishing and hunting.

Visiting the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage lake in the wintertime and go motor sledding, or love snowshoeing or the cross-country skiing along one of its tracks. The tracks are likewise common in the hot weather months for trekking, mountain cycling, and wild animals viewing.


14. Lac Courte Oreilles, Sawyer County

This big lake locates in the northwest of Wisconsin, with a portion of it being inside the Lac Courte Oreilles Lake. The lake is over 4942 acres and is home to numerous natural harbors and headlands.

Lac Courte Oreilles Lake is a freshwater lake that has a large quantity of bass, walleye, musky and northern pike. As of this, angling is commonly loved between travelers and residents.

The beach of this lake is home to a small number of resorts and huts possessed by the people of the Minneapolis-St. Paul and the Milwaukee, plus close to Chicago.


15. Wazee Lake, Jackson County

Constructed on a previous iron pit quarry, the Wazee Lake is one of the deepest lakes in the area. This man built lake is the home for the Wazee Lake Recreation Spot, which is a major scuba diving point.

Fishing here is likewise common, with the Wazee Lake being home to catfish, bluegills, trout, smallmouth bass, and walleye. There is a boat ramp that can be used for the fishing or simply to boat nearby the Wazee Lake and love the scenery.

There is seashore alongside the beaches of the Wazee Lake, plus 12 campgrounds, picnic spots, and many attractive scenes. Covering the lake are over fourteen kilometers of trekking tracks and closely 5 kilometers of bike tracks.

All of the above-mentioned lakes are the places that you can visit your holidays. There are many other lakes as well, but the above-mentioned lakes are the best lakes when it comes to spending quality time. People travel from different places to these lakes to enjoy the beauty around them. You can spend a very peaceful and quality time near these lakes. People get tired of their daily routines, and everyone needs some change from time to time. If you are looking for that change, then these places are your escape. As you can enjoy nature and also relax your mind. Lakes other than the above mentioned are not good for many reasons, they are not good for fishing, or they don’t have proper places to rest in.


If you are someone who loves to go fishing and spend some quality time, then you should visit all of these lakes when you get free time. All of these lakes deserve a visit because of many reasons. These reasons are:


People who love fishing don’t find any good places to go fishing. If you love to fish but don’t know any place that is good enough to go fishing, then you should surely visit these lakes. You can find different kinds of fishes in great quantity there. These fishes are best to eat, and you can find them in great quantity. If you are a good fisher, then you will catch many fishes there. These lakes don’t have limited variety of fishes. You can find many kinds of fishes there.


One of the reasons to visit these lakes is the hiking track. Hiking is not as easy as it seems. But it offers you a great thrilling experience that you would not ever forget. The tiredness that you feel once you are done with hiking is the sign that you have done well. There are many tracks near these lakes that offer great hiking experience. You can go with your friends and enjoy this wonderful experience of hiking.


Ever done boating? If not, then you have missed so much. Boating is very thrilling as you see yourself above the water. But there are not many places that are good for boating. You cannot do boating in a place that is not fit for it. But in Wisconsin, you have plenty of places to go boating. It will get difficult for you to decide a place, as there are numerous spots. These lakes offer great boating experience, and you will desire to visit them again.


If you love nature, then you must be looking for a beautiful place to visit in the next holidays. Well! The beautiful lakes in Wisconsin are great places to love nature. Yes! There are many beautiful sites along the lakes that everybody would love. You can go there and appreciate every inch of these lakes. You will find so much to appreciate nature than ever before. This beautiful scenery relaxes your mind and makes you fall in love with the surrounding.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking or cycling is a sport that is dangerous. Many people don’t even dare to think of mountain biking. But some people are so good at it, that they love this sport the most. Well! If you are a lover of this sport, then you need to visit these lakes.


If you have been on camping before, then you surely know that it is a great experience. But if not, then you should ask somebody who has been on camping before. The glow on their face when telling about their experience will motivate you to go camping. There is nothing more exciting than sleeping underneath the stars. You will love the whole night and will want to go there over and over again.

If the reasons mentioned above are not enough for you to agree on visiting these lakes, then you should reread these reasons and imagine yourself doing all of the above-mentioned stuff what is better than a thrilling experience that you will remember for the rest of your life! Everyone should visit these lakes at least once. You will not only love these lakes but surroundings and the people as well. Traveling leaves great images of beautiful places in your mind. So, welcome to those that are visiting these lakes.

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