We Went Sightseeing on Pontoon Boat

Of all the boats I deal with, the pontoon boat was my favorite, and this was because of the so many advantages that it has. The boat is very useful for relaxing on the water, doing water sports, fishing and so on. It is wonderful for families as it is a family-friendly boat.

Among its advantages is the fact that it is very easy to use and cheaper to fix if there is damage which does not occur often. Also, you don’t have to towel it off after each use like other boats.

They are along easy to drive and unlikely to flip. You can easily store things in it and also have a nap or even sleep while other people are fishing or skiing.

I loved the boat, even more, when it began to make me a lot of money. It was one Saturday morning. I decided to take the boat on the river and enjoy a pleasant morning, get the breeze on my body and relax with a cup of coffee. I was about to pilot the boat to the river when a man called to me.

“Hi, good morning,” he said. “May I see you for a moment?”

I got off the boat and walked over to him. “Good morning,” I said. “Can I help you with something?”

“Yes. I don’t know if you take people out sightseeing on your boat. I want to take my family out on the river to relax a little. We are willing to pay.”

I thought about it for a moment and realized that it was a beautiful idea. I had nothing to do that morning, and now, I could make some money here. I agreed readily.

“How many passengers can the boat hold?” the man asked.

“About 12 to 14,” I replied.

“Perfect!” He introduced himself as Roger Dallas, and I told him my name. He shook my hand and told me that he would return with his family in one or two hours. I told him I would wait.

When he left, I ordered pizza and more coffee and watched a movie on my mobile phone. The man returned with his family within a little over an hour.

He introduced all of them to me. There was his wife, his two sons, two twin girls, and a nephew. Altogether, there were eight of them. One of the boys and one of the girls were teenagers while the others were in the age range of 6-9. They brought some sweet-smelling food with them.

There was enough room on the boat for the kids to jump off the couches and play. There were high side rails that provided safety. There was also a small changing room for anyone who wishes to change.

I provided life jackets to all of them. When I purchased the boat, the life jackets had a cone with it, about twelve of them. When everyone was settled down, I began the process of getting the boat out of the dock to the river.

I checked the fuel level and the radio, and started the motor, allowing the boat to remain idle for about two minutes. Then I backed out of the dock and steered the boat in the direction we were going.

One of the teenagers walked up to me and asked if they could use the stereo system. I permitted them but asked them to ask their parents first. Their parents gave them permission, and they played some of the songs that teenagers play nowadays. They even had a dancing competition which their patents joined in.

As I watched them partially while also focusing on steering the boat, I was happy for them. They were a happy family, and this was the kind of thing that every family should find time to do. It was a time of happy bonding which creates memories that can never be forgotten.

When they had their lunch, they invited me, but I declined. I wanted them to enjoy their time together. It was a very beautiful and happy day. Around evening, they decided to return, and when we got to the dock, they all hugged me and thanked me for giving them a pleasant experience on my pontoon boat. I was paid handsomely.

The next day, I went to the dock again, hoping I would get lucky with another family. I didn’t. What I got instead was a man who offered to pay me if I took him and his friends to the river where they could fish. I smiled and agreed.

My pontoon boat had a lot of functions, and I was happy about that. The man brought six of his friends, and we moved deep down the river.

They chose an area where they were sure of catching a lot of fish and had me stop there. Each of them stood three on either side of the guard rails and began to fish. I got out my hook and line and joined them too.

The area was a perfect place for fishing as each one of us caught at least six fish within an hour.

After a while of storytelling and making jokes, I took them back to the dock where I was paid again. I was proud of myself and my boat. And that was how I started another new business with my pontoon boat. I got registered and began to take people out for pleasure and get paid handsomely.

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