11 Best Lakes for Pontoon Boat Recreation in Idaho

Idaho boasts a wonderful collection of lakes fed from the glassy blur glaciers along with huge reservoirs of crystal clear water that adds on the list of some of the best boating lakes in Idaho. The maximum part of the state is made up of untapped mountainous terrains from the stretches of the Rocky Mountains along with the plains of Snake River and the Great Basin.

In terms of sports adventure, there are none that can rival this gem state thus making it one of the best destinations for nature lovers from all across the globe, thanks to the deepest George, the highest waterfall and some of the best pontoon boating lakes. Below mentioned are some of the top lakes to look out for in Idaho if you want to enjoy some of the top recreational water activities in the area.

1. Lake Pend Oreille

The national forest that surrounds the lake makes it one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Idaho. Spread over an area of more than 38,000 hectares and a shoreline of 178 km, this is the 5th deepest lake that offers boating, fishing; SUP boarding, sailing, fishing, and many other water activities apart from the scenic natural beauties as a bonus for the visitors.

2. Bear Lake

The Bear Lake, situated between the Idaho-Utah boundaries is a natural freshwater reservoir that homes a wide variety of animals and birds. Also known as the Caribbean of the Rockies, this turquoise colored lake is one as one of the best boating lakes in Idaho that also offers many other recreational sports such as fishing, swimming, and scuba diving.

3. Redfish Lake

Forests and mountains surround this lake in the central part of Idaho. The marina rents out both non-motorized and motorized boats to tourists to explore the lake and bicycles for the shoreline. Apart from that, sunbathing and swimming is some of the other activities that visitors look forward to on the sandy beach of the lake.

4. Lake Coeur d’Alene

This is a 30000-acre lake at the feet of the Rocky Mountains that is the outcome of glaciers in the Idaho Panhandle region. At the height of 2,125 feet, thus 12,000-year-old lake finds its source from Saint Joe and the Coeur d’Alene. Boating, sailing, kayaking, swimming, fishing, cliff jumping and wildlife viewing are some of the best recreational activities for tourists and locals of the place.

5. Priest Lake

This is another natural lake with a history predating to over 10,000 years in the Idaho Panhandle region’s northernmost sections. Stretching over an area of 19 miles, this is one of the best boating lakes in Idaho that is also famous for other summer water sports activities such as fishing, swimming, and skiing.

6. Payette Lake

It is a 300 feet deep lake located beneath the West Mountain Peaks and surrounded by the Payette National Forest. This 5000-acre lake is just a 100 miles towards the north of Boise. It has been one of the best recreational spots back since the 1800s offering a wide range of activities such as boating, kayaking, pontoon boating, canoeing, water skiing, fishing, and jet boarding among many others.

7. Lake Cascade

It is a 12,200-hectare lake that is a haven for adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts. Apart from being one of the best boating choices in Idaho, it is also famous as one of the best fishing spots in the state. Mountain biking, hiking, bird watching, and craft launching are some of the other top recreational activities that tourists and locals enjoy in the area.

8. Lucky Peak Lake

The lake is spread across a stretch of over 1100 hectares just outside the Boise capital city. There are a lot of recreational activities offered in the place that attracts in a lot of visitors to the Lucky Peak Reservoir State Park. Some of them include boating, swimming, fishing, camping, beach volley, and many others.

9. Henrys Lake

The lake offers breathtaking beauties to the visitors and one of the most well-known fishing spots in the state. Apart from that, paddle boats, motor boats, canoes, and kayaks can be rented from the marina for those who want to enjoy a blissful boating experience amidst the mountains.

10. American Falls Reservoir

Spread over an area of over 56000 acres, this lake attracts huge crowd each year who come in for the ultimate water-based recreational pleasures it offers such as boating, fishing, skiing and swimming among many others. It is just a 23 miles drive from Idaho in the southern direction.

11. Anderson Ranch Reservoir

This lake has accessibility throughout the year, water recreational sports and activities during the summer and snow based activities during the winter. Boating, skiing, snowshoeing and fishing are some of the top activities that this water body offers to the visitors.

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