12 Best Pontoon Boat Lakes in Oklahoma

The ‘Land of the Red Man’ is known for the immense diversity of culture and landscape. Hills, mountains, flatlands, and grassland add on to making the state as one of the top tourist destinations all across the United States of America. Oklahoma currently boasts of more than 200 lakes that have made throughout the state. Most of them are owned by the public, but some of them belong to the state parks and lodges operating in the respective area. Below mentioned is a list of the top pontooning lakes that you must consider to visit when you go to Oklahoma.



1.      Farmer’s Creek Reservoir

If you are in search of the best boating lakes in Oklahoma, then this is one of the best options for you, especially for the closeness to nature that you can enjoy while boating here. Apart from this, it supports many other kinds of recreational activities to the visitors.



2.      Arcadia Lake

Though this is a manmade lake, it stretches over a widespread area of 1725 acres in Central Oklahoma. Fishing and wildlife viewing are some of the top activities in the region apart from boating and enjoying the shoreline of the sandy beach for ball games.



3.      Heyburn Lake

With a magnificent shoreline of 52 miles, this 920-acre widespread lake is located in the north-eastern regions of the state. It is one of the most famous vacation destinations in the state for the wide range of recreational activities it offers including boating, hiking, water skiing, and camping.



4.      Broken Bow Lake

It is one of the deepest lakes in the state that offers a stunning scenic beauty to the visitors. It is surrounded by hills, mountains, and forests and covers a surface area of more than 5700 hectares with a bold shoreline of 35 km. It is one of the best boating lakes in Oklahoma that is also known for its other activity offers including canoeing, fly fishing and kayaking among many others.



5.      Eufaula Lake

41000-hectare water surface over three counties makes it the largest lake in Oklahoma region. Marinas, campgrounds, and cabins are easily available all along the 970 km long shoreline to help visitors enjoy magnificent experiences of boating, fishing, picnicking and hiking. Even golfing is one of the main attractions of this lake apart from hunting and horse riding.



6.      Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees

This is located in the northeastern side of the state in the Ozark Mountain Range slopes at a height of 226 meters from the sea level. It has been serving as the chief water sports activity center in the region including boating and sailing among many other options.


7.      Lake Texoma

In terms of size, this lake stands second to the Eufaula Lake with a water surface area of 36000 hectares. Located at the bordering region of Texas and Oklahoma, it is one of the top tourist destinations attracting in over 6 million visitors each year that offers boating, skiing, windsurfing and fishing along with many other land-based recreational activities such as golfing and wildlife viewing.



8.      Tenkiller Ferry Lake

The name of this lake was coined after the owners of the land on which the lake was made back in 1952. Today this lake accommodates 24 ramps for launching boats, 14 parks, and ten marinas to cater to the needs of the massive crowd that come here for enjoying its beauty. Apart from boating, scuba diving ranks among the top recreational activity in the area.



9.      Lake Hefner

Originally built as the city’s water supply store in 1947, this lake is currently one of the best boating lakes in Oklahoma that also offers other recreational activities such as fishing, sailing, and motorized boating for water and cycling, camping and golfing for the land lovers.



10.  Keystone Lake

The sparkling blue waters spread across 9600 hectares with a shoreline of 530 km make it one of the best places for a weekend escape for tourists as well as the locals. It accommodates two parks, 11 ramps for boat launches, four marinas and 16 recreational areas that offer fishing, boating, camping, and wildlife viewing as some of the best activities to do in the region.



11.  Lake Murray

It is the ultimate destination for water sports lover as one can expect to enjoy all of them in this lake without any binding. It was made only 36 years ago but has soon turned into one of the best vacation sports thanks to the Lake Murray State Park and its historic places.



12.  Lake Thunderbird

This reservoir covers an area of 2165 hectares and is one best boating places in the states with two marinas and a very own boathouse to provide access to the lake. Sailing, boat racing, pontoon boating, and fishing derbies are some of the chief attractions of the place.


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