13 Best Pontoon Boat Lakes in Wyoming

Wyoming may fail in the lake race when it is compared to the other states, but the rugged eastern plateau boasts of several magnificent lakes of its own. The waterfront towns and vacation rentals available in the area bustles the lake to attract in a lot of crowds, especially for boating, fishing, swimming, and trail walk routes.

Pontoon boating has been quite famous in the lakes of the region. We have come up with a list of the best boating lakes in Wyoming that both the residents and the visitors turn to each year to enjoy. The water bodies, often formed by the adjoining of rivers and reservoirs also houses a lot of fishes to let anyone sink into their hobbies.

1. Yellowstone Lake

It is the highest freshwater lake in North America sitting at the height of 2357 meters. It is the largest lake in the entire area of the Yellowstone National Park that stretches over 35000-hectare areas with an impressive 180 km shoreline. Boating, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing are the top water activities with a guided tour around the lake.

2. Lake Hattie

If you want to go for pontoon boating, no other choice can beat Lake Hattie. It is especially because of the fish stocks that the state adds to the 3000-acre lake each year. Boating with kids is also safe and promising for kids as they are quite promised to catch their first haul.

3. Jackson Lake

Located in the Grand Teton National Park, it is south to the Yellowstone National Park and Lake in the northwestern region of Wyoming. It is one of the best boating lakes in Wyoming that is widely known for its natural beauty around the Pilgrim Mountain. But either you need to carry your boat or rent a raft.

4. Alcova Lake

The Alcova Lake in the central part of Wyoming is ideally located for boating escapes within the state. A lot of rental places are built near the place to make swimming and boat launch activity experience better for the visitors. Kayaking and bird watching are some of the other attractions of the place.

5. Sloan’s Lake

Paddleboats, kayaks, and canoes are some of the top options to explore the lake. It is a 29-acre lake situated in the Lions Park and Carey Avenue with large stocks of channel catfish, sunfish, crappie and largemouth bass.

6. String Lake

This warm shallow lake is one of the best options for going out for a boating or swimming session. You can look forward to enjoying a great deal of privacy and peace with friends and family on this lake located in the Grand Teton National Park.

7. Phelps Lake

Canoeing and swimming are the primary activities in the area though boats and kayaks can also add on to the activities list. There are a lot of hiking points near the lake that anyone can enjoy. Some loop trails are also suitable for children as well.

8. Curt Gowdy State Park

The Granite Lake located in the park is one of the best boating options in the state especially at a height over 1,000 feet. Crystal and North Crow reservoirs are the other topwater bodies that combine to the Granite Lake to add to the beauty of the park.

9. Brooks Lake

An oasis amidst the rugged mountains, it is a remote boating destination in the Shoshone National Forest. Visitors can also rent cabin among the woods and opt for a drive or hike down the route. The calm crystalline waters, fresh air make it one of the best spots kayaking, swimming, and fishing as well.

10. Fremont Lake

It is the second largest lake in Wyoming within the Wind River Mountain Range. With two water access points from the Lower Boat Dock and Lakeside Marina, this is one of the best boating lakes in Wyoming that also boasts of fishing, kayaking, swimming, and great beaches.

11. Bighorn Lake

Boating in the Bighorn Lake is as famous as the other water activities like fishing and swimming. Located in the northern side of Wyoming and Southern part of Montana, the lake boasts its marina along with cabins to be taken on rent.

12. Lake Marie

Though the lake is closed in winter, it is one of the best boating lakes in the area during the summer that also gives access to swimming, fishing, trail walking, and other outdoor activities in summer. Rentals can be found in the area.

13. Flaming George Reservoir

Boating, white water rafting, horseback riding, and hiking are some of the top recreation activities in the reservoir area that is located in southern Wyoming and the northern region of Utah. Rental products are available from the Green River Town and Manila to enjoy the area to its best.

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