Top 10 Best Pontoon Boating Lakes in Montana

Montana is located within the regions of the great Rocky Mountains. The terrains of the place are one of the most contrasting ones across the entire nation, constituting high rise towering mountains in the west and flatlands in the east. Though it is the 4th largest state in the US in terms of area, it is one of the areas known to have the least population, thanks to its landscapes. But when it comes to beauty, there are hardly a few contenders that can compete against Montana.

There are millions of tourists that hover into the state each year to explore the National Parks, the river valleys and the other scenic beauties. The place homes over 3000 lakes that also attract in a lot of visitors from all across the world. Boating, swimming, fishing is some of the most common activities that any tourist can look forward to enjoying in these lakes and reservoirs. Some of the best pontoon boating lakes in Montana include:

1. Hebgen Lake

It is a manmade lake that stretches over a water surface area of over 5400 hectares. It was the result of damming up the Madison River that brought in the build of this massive lake in the western side of the Yellowstone National Park. Boating, wildlife viewing, and hiking are some of the top recreational activities offered by this place.

2. Flathead Lake

If you want to enjoy a picnic with friends or family or just want to enjoy a camping night, the 51000 hectares Flathead Lake is always at your service. Boating, skiing, swimming, sailing, and fishing are some of the activities to enjoy on this lake that boasts of its 260 km long stretch of shoreline.

3. Mystic Lake

It is statistically the deepest lake in the regions of the Beartooth Mountains that boasts of a huge and magnificent sandy beach for visitors to enjoy. Though fishing is the prime activity in this lake, boating also makes it a popular choice for plans of a single day hike.

4. Ennis Lake

It is another lake widely known for its fishing stocks. Apart from that, it is one of the best boating places in Montana that just take only a short drive to reach from Bozeman. But pontoon boats are the only option for the experience especially due to the shallow depths of the lake.

5. Medicine Lake

The Medicine Lake is located in the northeastern extremes of Montana. The Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge in the region offers protection to a wide range of migratory waterfowl such as pelicans, cranes, and herons. Pontoon boating experiences are one of the best things to look for in this lake.

6. Canyon Ferry Lake

In terms of size, it stands third among the 3000+ water bodies in the region stretching over a water surface area of more than 14000 hectares. The construction of the famous dam along the Canyon Ferry lead to the formation of this lake along the Missouri River, and it has a shoreline of over 120 km. It is one of the best boating places in Montana but is more famous for ice sports such as iceboating and is known to host countless ice boat races every year.

7. Lake McDonald

The scenic beauty that envelops the lake is enough to declare it as one of the best lakes in the entire state. The lake stretched over an area of 2761 hectares is the largest lake in the Glacier National Park that offers a wide range of water recreation activities such as boat tours, fishing opportunities and many more.

8. Swan Lake

Located at an elevation of more than a thousand meters, the Swan Lake is enveloped by the Flathead National Forest just beside the Flathead Lake on its east side. It offers a lot of water sports including boating, swimming, skiing, fishing, kayaking, and others. Mountain biking, berry picking, and hiking contribute to the land activities in the region.

9. Saint Mary Lake

Another reserve of the Glacier National Park at a height of 1367 meters above sea level, this lake is the second largest entry to the list of the lakes in the park that offers many land-based recreational activities. But if you can arrange for a boat, you can enjoy an experience that you cannot expect from any other place. Even a pontoon boat would be enough to provide you with the maximum enjoyment.

10. Quake Lake

As the name speaks, it is a natural lake formed after an earthquake hit the place back in 1959. On the date, it is one of the best-known fishing grounds in Montana that also offers access to a lot of water-based activities such as boating, swimming, and canoeing in addition to the land recreations such as bird watching, hiking and picnicking.

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