26 Best Pontoon Boating Lakes in Iowa

Although all lakes in Iowa are terrific for pontoons these are my favorite:

1. Backbone Lake Delaware County:

Backbone Lake is placed right near the backbone state park which is one of the great places and with natural diversity. Some people are astonished regarding why it is called a backbone lake is because it is built on the Maquoketa River that’s also called as Devil’s Backbone due to its narrow and steep bedrock ridge.

The place is best to visit in day and evening and is mostly surrounded by the locales that keep coming to this fun spot. Activities that you can perform at the Backbone lack are immense including fishing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, swimming, and pontoon boating. Electric boat scooters and steamboats and manual boats are available that you can ride and even drive by yourself. Competitions between the boaters are held here, and you will find so many local kids to cheer the participants.

Along with this, you can find some restaurants and cheap hotels around this lake offering sumptuous seafood made especially from the fishes taken from the lack such as trout, bass, and catfish. If you don’t want to pay to any restaurant, you can even cook the fishes after picking them up from the lake. However, you are required to have proper cooking skills in this regard. Nevertheless, for cheap rated food you will find many roadside takeaways where local people will offer you fish food.

2. Big Creek Lake Mobile County:

Big Creek Lake is in the famous Polk city of Iowa and half lies in the mobile county. The lake is so naturally amazing and embedded with fresh blue water. Serene Winds keep blowing around the corner, and many fun activities are available to perform. The locals and the tourists always fill the place. In the daytime, you can do things like fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming in the amazing and fresh of big creek lake. Big fishing events are held near the lake in which both locals and tourists can participate. Several prizes are also offered to the winners. Night parties around the lakeshore are another thing which tourists love about Big Creek Lake.

In evening and nights, the place becomes romantic, and the lights of the local restaurant make surrounding of the lake, even more, feel full and delicate. Local seafood and the international cuisines are offered on the big five start restaurants. However, if you want a cost-effective solution, then roadside small local restaurants can be your destination. Food is fantastic and famous fishes that you can have here are; bluegill, channel catfish, crappie, muskie, largemouth bass, and smallmouth bass.

3. Black Hawk Lake Sac Count:

Black Hawk Lake is another worth visiting lack in the Iowa state of America that’s situated in Sac County. This is one of the serene places that are a gift from God to the people living at the eastern edge of Iowa. Tourists like to visit this place everywhere in the world. It is called the Black Hawk Lake because of ancient tribal importance. A tribe used to live here, and his chief was named as Black Hawk, and this is why it is called Black Hawk Lake. It is a naturally formed lake hence everything around the lake is so natural and amazing. Not just water but amazing fauna of the natural habitats that are preserved officially is also worth watching.

People come here from around the world to do several recreational activities such as; fishing, pontoon boating, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, parties around the shore. Fishes famous for this lake are bluegills, channel catfish, crappies, sunfish, walleyes, and several types of bass fishes are also available. These fishes are famous for their rare and sumptuous taste. Hence, you can find many local and international restaurants around the lake where you can enjoy an array of classic tasty cuisines belonging to locals as well as international ones.

4. Coralville Lake Johnson County:

A big dam that produces electricity and sends power to a big part of Iowa; on this dam a beautiful lake is built that’s Coralville Lake. This lake has so much historical importance for Iowa because before building the dam, there was a lot of flooding in the country. However, in 1938, Congress passed an act that’s known as the Flood Control Act of 1938. Well, apart from this, if we look at the amusing side of Coralville Lake, it offers quite beautiful side scenes. Small stones are spread all across the lake in different colors that give a quote fascinate texture to water.

Local people and tourists come to fun around the lake, for boating, to play numerous water games, and for eating and enjoying small family picnics. As the lake is not a natural one hence no specific sorts of fishes are available here. However, the mountains and hills around it make it an adventurous and most loved place for the hiking and mountain biking lovers. Volleyball is one of the famous games that are played around this lake. You don’t have to hire a hotel to fun and relax there are a lot of shady places available around it for free.

5. Lake Ahquabi Warren County:

If you are going to visit Lake Ahquabi, then you will have to go to the Ahquabi State Park that’s situated in the Warren County of Iowa. This serene place is a dedicated picnic spot because it is situated in a park where you can find a lot of kids’ rides and cartoon creatures to amuse your kids. People like to visit this lake with their kids because of the secure atmosphere for kids. You can have swimming equipment for the kids and the elders and those who don’t know how to swim. Paddle boating, jet skiing, wakeboarding, and waterskiing are some of the famous activities people enjoy here.

You can fish around the lake easily, and the best thing is, the officials have reserved a special place for the disabled community. They can walk around the lake and do fishing on to their wheelchairs quite easily, even without anyone else’s help. It is one of the biggest human-made lakes as it is built on an area of 115 acres. If you are interested in getting a sun tanning bath as there are so interactive sandy benches available for free where you can sit and lay. You can use paddles to boat on your own, hire somebody to paddle for you and you can hire electric boats too, just the way you like it.

6. Clear Lake Steuben County Indiana:

Have you heard about the glacial lakes? Do you know how they are formed? Well, glacial lakes are those big reserves of water that are produced due to melted ice of the mountains. Clear Lake is also built by this melted water. This glacial lake is known as a clear lake because of its so clear water that you can even see the fishes swimming around. This place is so quiet and you if you are a loner and want to spend some alone time then Clear Lake is just the place you need to go.

In this lake, you can perform a lot of activities like canoeing, kayaking, boating, fishing, swimming, or simply chilling on the shore while taking amusing tanning bath under the sun. Due to being around the glacial mountains, the weather around the lake is quite cold and freezing. Hence it is recommended that you take some warm clothing with you while touring this lake. Talking about food, there are several species of fishes available in the lake water including, bullhead, channel catfish, yellow bass, and walleye and plenty of boat ramps, and jetties. The good thing is, a fish cleaning station is also there where you can take your picked fishes for cleaning.

7. Brushy Creek Lake Webster County:

Lastbut not the least, seventh worth visiting lake we have here is theBrushy Creek Lake, that’s situated in the Webster country. Theplace of the lake is in the brushy creek street of the recreationalarea, and that’s why it is called Brushy Creek Lake. Well, theatmosphere around the lake is naturally pleasant, and that’s thereason it is the most considered place when it comes to walks in theevening and relaxation on weekends. You can do a lot of activitiesaround this lake such as fishing, boating, and swimming, etc.swimming equipment can be rented out easily including tubes, masks,and footwear, etc.

Moreover, when it comes to eating around, you can take your outdoor cooking grill with you and make freshly picked fishes. For those, who don’t want to get into cooking business can take advantage of some small local restaurants available around. There you can enjoy local Iowa cuisines. Along with this, if you are a rider and likes to do some riding adventure than trails for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling is also available here to perform.

8. Carter Lake

9. George Wyth Lake

10. Lake Anita

11. Okamanpeedan Lake

12. Saylorville Lake

13. Silver Lake

14. Pleasant Creek Lake

15. Lake Geode

16. Lake Okoboji

17. Storm Lake

18. Lake Sugema

19. Lake Red Rock

20. Big Spirit Lake

21. Lake Manawa

22. Spirit Lake

23. Pine Lake

24. Rathbun Lake

25. Storm Lake

26. Lake McBride

Bottom Line:

For all those who are looking for some fun on the waterside in the USA, Iowa is the place you got to be visiting. Iowa is not usually considered by the tourists when it comes to selecting the places to be visited due to lack of knowledge regarding the place and the amusing things you can do around.

This place is surrounded by rivers from all corners, and that’s why it is famous for its amusing water sports, and boating. The state has three big rivers flowing through it including Mississippi River, Missouri River, and Big Sioux River located in the East and west, respectively.

Well, Iowa is one of the top safest places in the world where anyone can go and enjoy without being worried about his or her safety. I found that the people are friendly, and the rules are not so strict. It doesn’t matter if you are a tourist as long as you are Iowa, you will have to follow their local laws.

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