I Built a Houseboat on 24ft Pontoon

At the sight of this creative masterpiece, the first thing that reverberated through my mind was a conversation I had with a friend of mine, Jonas a long time ago. His affluent grandmother raised Jonas in Redding, California. He pretty much had everything he wanted and needed at his disposal anytime. By the comfort, he had little or no compassion for the lowly ones. Wait a minute; is ‘lowly’ the appropriate word to use? Perhaps not.

I came to this realization during our encounter with a woodworker who as at then was homeless and had drinking problems. The woodworker was always roaming the streets, and with what I can remember, he spent more time roaming the street, and he spent working; his life was a total mess.

In spite of the woodworker’s unfortunate fate, I never did think lowly of him at first; I only thought he needed help. But being friends with Jonas made me eventually start seeing the woodworker as a lowly person because Jonas couldn’t help but call him by that name every time we saw him roaming the street. That experience literally influenced my perception of woodworkers; I can say, up until now, I never saw positivity in woodworkers.

Seeing this perfectly built tiny houseboat literally makes me feel like I need to go on my knees and pray for forgiveness of some sort for thinking too lowly of woodworkers, they don’t deserve to be thought of in such way.

Jonas actually hasn’t seen this yet, but I’m definitely sending him this video to see how flawless and innovative some woodworkers are. Perhaps this would change his perception of woodworkers. I still can’t get over how someone would sit down and craft this in his mind; does he live in this world at all?

Okay, what fascinates me the most about this houseboat is how the builder was able to fit a lot of things into it in spite of the size of the boat. The boat accommodates a dining table that can also fit into a bed, a full kitchen with up to date appliances, a refrigerator, sink, heater, shower, toilet, a spacious deck for hanging out, a solar panel and a lot more. One would have thought all these appliances won’t remotely fit into a pontoon boat that is 24ft long and 8.5 ft wide; weighs 5700 pounds. Isn’t it just amazing the possibility creativity can inspire?

There are enough openings for cross-ventilation; although it doesn’t have the luxury of a deluxe AC system, there’s a way you can partner with Mother Nature by taking advantage of the various openings and windows on the houseboat. You can keep the windows open when there’s a breeze, and enjoy the cool, crisp air as it swims across the water surface. The builder made it possible that you don’t necessarily have to rely on the windows alone; you can also open the door that leads to the deck to enjoy added ventilation.

Supposedly you are planning a summer vacation on this houseboat; it is very natural to worry about the condition of the weather; how it can be extremely hot. Then you’ll start worrying about how much you’d miss the cold beverages you enjoy in the comfort of your real home. Interestingly, you don’t have to worry about all that; there’s a refrigerator perfectly fit into the houseboat by the builder. You don’t have to worry about the merciless summer sun; the builder has all of that covered with the refrigerator system.

The beautifully constructed dining table that also fits into a bed makes relaxation fun. You know that priceless breakfast in bed kind of experience that makes you want to stay chilled for the rest of the day? You can effortlessly get such in this houseboat with how beautiful and strategic the builder crafted the space. The dining region serves the dual purpose of an eating spot and a rest spot; all you need to do is to re-arrange the space appropriately. You don’t even have to think of stress because it’s something a blind man can figure out in a few seconds; isn’t this just awesome?

How about the strategically amazing position of the windows? The positioning of the windows makes all the incredible magic views really easy to find. The window views will give you that Titanic déjà vu, but this time, there isn’t going to be any tragedy. It’s indeed a view to behold. It will make you have a warm and accommodating heart towards nature. You might even get inspired by the beautifully awesome views to pick up a camera and start a career in photography. All you need to do is look out the window and behold the beautiful face of nature.

The size of this houseboat makes life even more comfortable than living in a small house. The portability is unparalleled, and the amazing truth is that you can easily position stuff in places within your reach. You don’t have to navigate through rooms to get whatever it is you need, a simple standing up and reaching your hands out is enough to get what you need. It’s so portable your eyes can literally capture every item on the boat at a single glance. There’s no worrying about where you kept a particular thing, perhaps your keys, because space is so portable enough to see through every angle.

Another amazing thing about this houseboat is that you get to experience the constancy of change. You can decide to change your location without moving a single item from the boat; all you need to do is to sail wherever you want to go. This houseboat also functions as a fishing boat; so you can decide to be a summer fisherman, exploring the aquatic world and feeding on fresh seafood. There’s just so much to love about this boat; in fact, so much is an understatement.

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