What is The World’s Fastest Pontoon Boat



When talking about fast automobiles, a pontoon boat is naturally the least that would come to your mind. You wouldn’t even think about it. I mean, of all automobiles, what speed can a pontoon boat possibly produce?

This is exactly what the world thought until Brad Rowland’s South Bay 925CR with over 1000 hp set a Guinness World Record in 2013 as it topped out at 114 miles per hour (99 knots) in Missouri for the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout. It’s amazing how a virtually un-applauded invention shook the world with such awesomeness.



When research was made on the profile of the pontoon boat, it was found that it has the following specs:

Brad Rowland’s Racing Profile

  • Name: Brad Rowland
  • Boat Name: Tooned-In 2
  • Port of Call: Lake Shelbyville, Sullivan, Ill.
  • Boat make/model: 25 ft. 2015 South Bay TriToon with Twin 330X Promax Outboard engines.
  • Shootout Race Classification: NPO1F3 Non-Professional Pontoon
  • Horsepower: 1,000 + hp
  • Modifications: Crankshaft, stroker motors, and center pontoon
  • Fastest Speed: 114 mph
  • Notable Races/Wins: 2016 LOTO Shootout NPO1F3 Top Gun 114 mph, 2003 – 2016 LOTO Shootout Top Gun in the division every year except 2009, tied with Ken Gouty.
  • Sponsor(s): Forest River Marine, French Construction, Big Thunder Marine and Rowland Plumbing and Heating
  • Business: Owner, Rowland Plumbing Heating
  • Family: Shelly and two children

Brad has been fine-tuning and customizing his pontoon boat for five years, and still believes that he will be able to eke out even quicker speeds from it. He said to reporters that he believes he will be hitting 120 miles per hour at some point. It’s mind-blowing what Brad Rowland is so passionate about achieving. Apparently he doesn’t even want to settle for the regular at all. Even after setting a world record, he’s still relentless about attaining a greater speed. When Brad Rowland was asked how best the speed of a pontoon boat can be enhanced without having to spend a lot of dollars purchasing a better one, he gave some helpful tips:



Raising the speed of your pontoon boat can be achieved by following these then tips

  1. Trim your engine
  2. Keep your pontoons clean especially the bottom
  3. Change your boat’s thrust
  4. Change your boat’s lift
  5. Reduce the weight on your boat, throw out unneeded items, and run with less riders
  6. Fit lifting strakes
  7. Add a third tube to make it a tritoon
  8. Don’t ride with a full tank of fuel, as gas weighs a lot
  9. Distribute the weight more evenly, front to rear.
  10. Underskin your pontoon boat

Don’t underestimate the credibility of these tips. According to reports garnered from different pontoon boat owners regarding their implementation of these tips, they all reported a significant boost in the speed of their boats. Some even reported that they never thought they would ever be able to cruise with such speed owing to the initial speed limit of their pontoon boats. They are still amazed as to how dramatically these tips changed the course of their speed without having to cause any fault in their boats.

Who knows, your boat might just be the next big thing. I’d advice you get to it.

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