All About Fiberglass Pontoon Boats

A farmer named Ambrose Weeres is credited for the commercial manufacture of a pontoon boat in 1951. He had envisioned a craft that was huge enough for a family and was stable in the water. The boats became very popular in the 1960s.

Pontoon boats are meant for fishing or cruising. .Pontoons are able to displace large amounts of water while remaining very light. These boats are affordable, offer a variety of features and are very comfy. Pontoon boats can accommodate between six to sixteen people.

What Are Pontoon Boats Made Of?

Pontoon boats are very lightweight vessels. The boats get their name from tubes that are used in constructing their hulls. These tubes are called pontoons, and they taper in at the front part of the boat.

This enables better movement and speed on the water. The pontoons are attached to the deck platform with an aluminum frame. The deck can be constructed using a variety of materials ranging from fiberglass, aluminum, and wood. For safety, a railing runs around the deck. Pontoons can be filled up with foam, or they can be hollow.

Fiberglass pontoon boat maker list:

  1., X-Plode XT and Legacy LT
  2., 16-28 feet long
  3., Beachcat 20′ – 26′
  4., A&M Manufacturing
  5., manufacturers Custom Fiberglass Pontoon Boats
  6.,Biltmore Fibertoon 23′-6″
  7., Bennington QX



Where to Use a Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats are used in river or lakes. However, pontoons should not be used on the ocean. Their hulls are shallow.

Pontoon Facts

·         A pontoon boat can accommodate six to sixteen people comfortably.

·         Pontoon boats can either be large or small depending on the purpose. They are normally between 14 feet and 28 feet.

·         The average price of pontoon boats is around eleven thousand dollars. Prices start from seven thousand dollars up to thirty thousand dollars.


Types of Pontoons


Fiberglass pontoons perform exceptionally well on water. They are lightweight and very durable. They also have an aesthetic quality about them. However, they are quite expensive to repair and maintain.

Foam Filled

They are cheaper to manufacture. They do not leak. Their exterior is made from plastic materials. They are usually narrow.


Steel is very corrosive. Steel pontoons are more expensive to maintain due to this reason. If they are not maintained regularly, they often develop cracks and leaks.


They are a popular choice. They are not corrosive and do not rust. They are also very durable. They can easily be repaired. However, they might be more expensive than other types of pontoons. They do not require extensive maintenance.

Why people love pontoons

Shallow – with a draft of only 8 inches many pontoons are less likely to run aground or into underwater objects.

Stable – They have a relatively large base. Pontoons are extremely stable.

Spacious – They are able to accommodate several people at once. This makes them desirable for large families on excursions or throwing parties.

Speedy – Pontoons can be very fast. Some people love the thrill of being aboard a fast craft.

There are different kinds of boat, and each is suitable for every person depending on how they will use it and the reason behind it. When you choose the perfect vessel for you, and even for your family, you need to consider some factors. You need to think things like where you will use it, who will use the boat, its price, and how easy to operate it.

When choosing a boat that will suit you, you need to consider the Pontoon Boat on your list. While there are a wide variety of vessels that are being sold in today’s market, Pontoon boats are still recommended for numerous boaters. The following are the significant advantages of having a Pontoon boat than the other watercraft:



Perfect for Beginners and the Family

It does not matter whether you don’t have any experience with boating, the Pontoon boat is user-friendly, easy to operate and maintain. It has a balanced platform along with stable controls that can be run by someone easily – and these are the features that make it an extreme pontoon boat. Since this boat is not heavyweight, you can quickly drive and handle it.

When you have a family, or even you have children with you, pontoon boats are excellent for you. It has a spacious room where kids can play or also run, and adults can bond together. Furthermore, pontoon boats can accommodate eleven or more people, meaning to say it is excellent for big families.

Ample Storage

This might not be a significant benefit to some, but if you are boating for quite some time, you will know the importance of having spacious storage. You might even know when you will have a boat ride, either fall or not. But if you prefer to boat in the fall season, you will need blankets, jackets, etc. and this last pontoon boat will provide you with enough storage. Additionally, you will need space to store your extra life jackets along with clothes, snacks, and any other necessary things you will need in the future.


Renovating a boat can be an excellent DIY project. You can do every customization that you want to do and let the repair store handle the rest. Pontoon boats do not change that much compared to ski boats. So, you don’t need to upgrade from time to time and have the latest model. It has an ageless design that makes them suitable for long-term usage.

Cheaper Insurance

Pontoon boats are cheaper compared to others, and that’s why it also has more affordable insurance. If you own a pontoon boat that costs below $30,000, your monthly insurance will fall between $20-$30.

Not Difficult to Dock

Docking a boat is difficult with other types of watercraft, but with a pontoon boat, it’s easy. Since they are easy to operate, drive, and handle, they are also not difficult to dock. Even if you still need to practice your skills in docking, the pontoon boat will help you make the work easier. 

Pontoon boats have no specific size since they are of various sizes and brands. No basic length or height for all pontoon boats. Now, can a pontoon boat fit in a garage? Actually, there is no specific answer to this question, but there are several factors to be put into consideration including the length, height, width, the size of your garage and the likes.

While some find it impossible to fit in their pontoon boat in the garage, to some their pontoon boat are kept in the garage. Here are some tips on how to fit your pontoon in the garage:

Buying a Small Pontoon Boat That Correspondence with the Size of Your Garage

If you actually desire to store the pontoon boat in your garage and you are yet to decide on the type of pontoon boat you want. It is advisable to go for a small pontoon boat size or a boat that can fit in your garage and how do you know the pontoon boat that fits perfectly? You can fit the right size of pontoon for your boat through measurement of the garage before purchasing as well as taking this measurement along to the place of purchase.

Get a Trailer That Fits the Rig Length of Your Pontoon

It is important to opt out for a pontoon trailer that fits the exact length of your boat. Don’t just get a trailer with a perfect fit in your garage, and it is advisable to get a trailer that slightly longer than the initial length of the pontoon boat to enable movement around the garage.

Reduce Some of Your Pontoon Boat Tires Air

This might sound unrealistic but slightly reducing the air in your pontoon boat tire will help reduce the height of the boat slightly. Do not reduce the tires too much as this might damage the tires if the air released is too much.

Arrange Your Garage

Arranging your garage before you fit in the pontoon boat will create more space for the boat. You might decide to clear your garage completely if you prefer to use the garage to store your pontoon boat solely. If otherwise, it is necessary that things are neatly kept in the garage to create just enough space for the boat to fit in. A neatly arranged garage not only create enough space for the pontoon both but also create space for easy movement around the garage.

Make Use of Breakaway Tongues

A trailer with breakaway tongue can also be used if all efforts of trying to fit your pontoon boats in your garage prove abortive after trying different positioning style to get the pontoon boat to fit in your garage. With a breakaway tongue, the trailer length can be reduced by entirely removing the breakaway tongue or by bending back the swing tongue.

Picking out the best pontoon boat brand can be quite tricky and confusing because a lot of things are to be considered when doing this. We have several pontoon boat brands of different sizes in the market today including tri-toons and twin pontoon boats, purchasing a pontoon boat can be considered as buying a car where each brand have its own pros and cons.

So, choosing the perfect pontoon boat can be determined when you consider some of the following factors:


Preparing a budget when picking out a pontoon boat is essential. We have different brands of platoon boat which varies in size, price, and luxury. A budget will help narrow down the search and find you the best pontoon boat brand suitable for you. Without a budget, you might end up spending more than you can handle. Budget is not just about the cost price, fuel price, maintenance and the likes should also be put into consideration. Pontoon boats are sub-divided into high ends (luxury pontoon boats which cost about $100,000 and above), mid-range pontoon boats (about $33,000), base model pontoon boats (about $11,000) and DIY pontoon boats. The budget prepared will show which category of pontoon boats brand you can afford.

Where the Pontoon Boat Will Be Used

There are several ways a pontoon boat can be used and where you want your pontoon boat determines the best pontoon brand needed. Do you want to keep your pontoon boat docked? Or you want to trailer it? These questions are to be answered when on the lookout for the best pontoon boat brands. It is also important to make a decision on what type of water you pontoon boat will use. Although all boats have its own maintenance a pontoon boat that will be used in salt water requires more maintenance compared to a pontoon boat to be used in fresh water. It is required that a boat to be used in salt water is painted with anti-fouling paint and also bolted down instead of screwed.



What You Want To Use the Pontoon Boat For

We have several brands of pontoon boats. Some of the popular brands are PlayCraft, Starcraft, and Sun Tracker. Initially, the activities that will be carried out in your pontoon boat determines the brand of pontoon boat you would select. Are you buying a pontoon boat for sports or leisure? Or for fishing?  You might be wondering how this affects the pontoon boat brands, this activities will give a picture of the number of people that will be on the pontoon boat, and this determines the horsepower of the pontoon boat as well. Some pontoon boats are used for celebrations and gatherings which means more people will be on such pontoon boat and that as well will determine the brand of pontoon boat you need. Some people may desire to purchase a pontoon boat for the luxury.

The best pontoon boats brands have different sizes and designs, but with this few factors, you can find the best brand for you.

There are numerous types of boats, and it has its uses, sizes, designs, spaces, etc. And when it comes to large storage capacity, one of the best is pontoon boats with an enclosed cabin. This boat allows you to store more foods to eat when having a celebration in your pontoon boat, drinks to drink with the entire family, clothes to wear after doing fun water activities, etc. compared to other regular pontoon boats. Additionally, you can sleep or take a rest in the cabin of your boat.

What’s in the Pontoon Boats with Enclosed Cabin?

It’s not surprising if you get more space when you have a pontoon boat with an enclosed cabin. It has features that you cannot get with other boats. In a cabin, you can see and encounter kitchen diner, sink, cooker, functional taps, dinner table to share with, and fridge freezer. Amazingly, if you want to take some nap or lie down, you can collapse the dining table and form it to a bed. Even though it’s not that huge, you can still use it to sleep if there’s no space in the main bedroom. Yes, you heard it right! It is not yet the main bedroom you can relax on, there’s a specific area for you to sleep along with your companion – and take note that it’s not only good for two people. Of course, the bedroom area is not complete if it does not have its toilet & shower rooms – which you cannot find in other boats or pontoons.

Meaning to say, you can all do your daily routine in your home with this pontoon boats with enclosed cabin while still enjoying water activities and have some fun.

Difference between Pontoons and Tritoons

Tritoons vs. Pontoons. It’s a continues to battle and rivalry among the two boats.

If you own a pontoon boat, you can find two cylinders, which is often called as tubes or pontoons that is made out of aluminum. Pontoons are great for just relax and calm water. However, depending on the power of your engine, pontoons are not ideal for blistering speeds but still can be used for other purposes. All in all, pontoon boats are suitable for people who are searching for relaxation and peace in the middle of the water and throw in fishing trips.

If you own a Tritoon boat, you can find three cylinders that are also made out of aluminum just like with pontoons. If the pontoon boats provide you a smooth, calm, slow, and pleasure cruise, a tritoon will move up your boat experience to the next level. A tritoon boat can accommodate a more significant group of people because of its added tube. Additionally, it can hold greater loads and has an engine that is more powerful compared to pontoons.

All in all, tritoons are perfect for people who are seeking extreme performance level – as it designed for high speed along with handling. Pontoons are great for people who are into fishing and do have children to bring. 

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