What Is the Difference Pontoon Boats vs. Deck Boats

Are you in the mood for shopping for pontoon boats anytime soon?  How about some deck boats?  If the answer is yes, then you have to read this article first before going any further.  We will try to give you some important details that need to know about them to different types of boats and have they can affect your sailing expeditions individually.


Advantages and Disadvantages

The Physical Structure

According to some experts, there are no glaring differences between the two boats.  However, there are distinct differences that make each one of these water-based vehicles uniquely individual.

Here they are as follows:

Deck boats are created ways sleek lines that promote aero dynamism to a T.  It can be compared to some sports boats in terms of design.  These mines also add to the appeal of the contraption.

On the other hand, pontoons have a more modern look compared to the nautical feel of their classically designed predecessors.

The Hull

This is what sets each boat type apart from one another.  The shape and function of each hull differ depending on whether it is a pontoon or a deck boat.

For deck boats, the hulls are V-shaped.  The pontoons, on the other hand, have their hulls lying flat on the water with a balanced deck on a maximum of three platinum tubes. 

The deck boat’s V-shape hull can enable this particular kind of boat to speed through the water and mount a plane at high speeds.  This is also the most fuel efficient design that boats can have even when working at high speed.

Slower boats tend to prevent the hull from rising through the water.  However, if you have a deck boat, this will not happen.

One disadvantage of this particular design is that it can pivot on a central axis.  This means that it will rock two the motion of any passenger or winds and strong waves.

The Pontoon’s Flat Deck and Hull

On the other hand, a pontoon having a flat deck and hull can provide passengers with great stability as long as the water is smooth.  It also minimizes side rolling which can happen to deck boats.  If you want to entertain people on your vote, make sure that you have a pontoon.

This boat’s stability attracts most ship owners and travelers to ride in this particular type of water vehicle.


Additional Advantages

In addition to this, pontoons tend to be more fuel efficient when it is slower and much steadier.  So if you want to save some gas, make sure to stir this ship ever so slowly.  If you want to explore the rivers and lakes, this particular ship design can make the trip worthwhile.

Another advantage of using pontoons is that it has a large space that can serve to entertain people.  This spaciousness allows the boat to house at least 10 to 20 people depending on the specific model. 

Pontoon boats are amazing for parties, fishing, and family excursions. They are fast and very sleek. Width is a critical consideration when one is buying a pontoon boat. One needs to know whether the pontoon boat will fit in in their garage, their truck, or their trailer.

The most popular Pontoon boat width tends to be between 8 and 8 and a half feet wide on the beam.

There is no one size fits all pontoon boat. The sizes tend to vary with manufacturer, type and purpose.

Every manufacturer has its own width to length ratios.



Small Pontoon Boat

A small pontoon boat is one that is less than 20 feet long. It normally has a width of 8 feet. Some compact pontoon boats can be 12 feet in length. Their width will be about 7 feet.

Mini or compact pontoons are used in narrow waterways.

Medium-Sized Pontoon Boat

They are very popular. They tend to be between 20 feet and 40 feet in length. They have a width of between 8 to 10 feet.

Large Pontoon Boat

Many commercially available pontoon boats are not wider than 12 feet.


What Does Beam Mean?

When measured from the ship’s nominal water; line, a beam is the widest point. The beam can also be defined as the bearing projected at right angles from the fore line and the aft line, out from the widest place on the ship.

Size of the Deck

Deck sizes vary widely. The deck provides space for relaxing or working. If your pontoon boat is used for fishing, you will need a large deck to hold the fish and fishing gear. The performance and capacity of the boat are determined by the tube. The deck size will be determined by the body of water the boat will be used in. The number of passengers also determine the size of the deck.

•   16-19 feet: These are best suited for small, calm bodies of water. They can accommodate up to eight people.

•   20-22 feet: They are best suited for lakes and rivers that don’t have big waves; accommodates up to 13.

•   23-27 feet: They are designed for rough waters, this is evident when the tubes are 27 feet long; they can accommodate up to 15 people.

The width of Custom Pontoon Boats

Customized pontoon boats are available. Many manufacturers can create a bespoke pontoon boat according to their client’s specifications.

 The largest of these pontoon boats might have a width between 12 feet and 20 feet in proportion to the length of the boat and the purpose of the boat. The pontoon boats can range from 30 feet to 50-60 feet. These large pontoon boats are used to cruise and host parties.

 It is quite a tough job for every ebullient boat lover to choose between buying your own personal boat and renting one. Purchasing a boat comes with its pros and cons and so does a pontoon boat trailer rental. Pontoons are flat, tube-like boats engineered in a way that provides spacious decks and ample accommodation facilities to its passengers. Before indulging in boating, one must consider all crucial questions that come in the way of getting equipped with a boat. In this article, I’m going to discuss if you should buy or rent Pontoon Boat.



Affordability is the first biggest question mark. Buying a pontoon is very heavy on the pocket. Boats are a very sumptuous conveyance. The engines that run the boat are developed to provide a smooth ride without any interruption. Imagine your boat stopping in the center of a lake because the engines have collapsed. This is unreal. Hence, engines make up most of the costs of a boat. Starting price of an averagely sized pontoon is about $25000. The prices go up proportionally with the improving features of the boats.

Boat buyers are coaxed into buying cheaper boats that come with a very unimpressive horsepower. The greater the horsepower of a boat, the better is its performance. Quality should not be compromised over cost.

Proper Storage And Maintenance

Proper storage and maintenance are the two boat vitals that regularly need a checkup. No one will keep their brand new, glossy pontoon in their garage or if someone does that it would be much of a funeral of his beloved boat. Storage costs make up quite a portion of the total bills. As far as the maintenance is concerned, the best boat owner is the one who himself takes care of his boat. So be ready to give your boat a bath, every once in a while.


Make sure you are not too busy with other things before buying or renting a pontoon. Your boat needs your time. It would be a waste of money if you had purchased a pontoon months ago and still hadn’t taken a single trip on it.


Renting A Pontoon Boat

Renting a pontoon is much more feasible than purchasing one. Renting means you can enjoy all the fun of boating without the heavy expenses of purchasing a personal boat. People who are new to boating should always rent a boat first. This way they’ll get to know the intricacies of boating and whether the boating lifestyle suits them or not. Renting a boat gives time to make up your mind before going to purchasing a boat for yourself. Renting is an easy way to avoid the storage hassles associated with having your permanent boat. Storage is maintained by the owners of the boat. Keep the boat safe with them in situations when you have to go out of the city. Likewise, there are no maintenance jobs that you’d have to finish. Renting is so much fun than purchasing a boat. It provides the same exact experiences you’ll have with a personal boat but in minimal costs.

Are you planning to take a boating adventure this year with your family? Perhaps you’re not an experienced boater or have no clue where to start. Look no further as choosing a best pontoon boat rental Marco Island can make your life much easier and the vacation experience very enjoyable.

A pontoon boat has a deck that is supported by a two or more nautical airtight floats or pontoons — these help to maintain the boat’s buoyancy in water.

A simple design like this makes the handling of the boat very easy if you are an inexperienced boater. The boat basically floats on water as opposed to boats with motors or sailboats. It’s very easy to take a pontoon boat virtually anywhere.

This type of boat is also very comfortable for people who get unwell on water. The stability of a pontoon boat is unmatched compared to the rest. If you are tagging along kids who want to enjoy playing, then this boat can support all of their wild and jerky movements without letting you worry. Most pontoon boats can accommodate up to 12 passengers so you can relax about having ample space for all of your enjoyment needs.

Finding the best pontoon boat rental Marco Island can make a world’s difference if you are planning on having a little fishing excursion during your adventure. Pontoon boats make excellent fishing boats. They are gentler in the water when you need to accelerate or decelerate. The boat does not tilt into the water as other U-hulled designed boats. Since they do not disturb the waters, pontoon boats are a great choice when desiring to have that big catch. 

There a number of tips that you should consider and keep in mind before choosing the best pontoon boat rental. Having the perfect pontoon boat can make all the difference in how you and your family enjoy.

It’s always best to start with a google search and look for the well-reputed pontoon boat rental Marco Island in your area. Perhaps you are going away to another area so you might want to look at the rental services being provided for your preferred lake or area. You could also try looking up your local tourist office to get more leads.

You must be aware that there are certain strict guidelines that do not permit pontoon boats to be operated in the ocean. Their operation is limited to Intracoastal waterways or its adjoining waters. Taking the boat to unmarked areas might lead to damage of the boat which can be an embarrassment and a hassle for the renter.

Always review the rental agreement that you make and understand the fine print before you sign it. There could be certain special restrictions that you might need to be aware of.

You must also ensure that the rental agreement speaks about insurance coverage and the extent of the rental company’s liability.

It’s a necessary requirement that you understand the importance of security devices such as lifejackets or fire extinguishers and where they are stored on the boat. You are always welcome to take your own life-saving equipment.

Following these suggestions and tips can make a world’s difference in how you enjoy that long awaited vacation with your loved ones and help you to find the best pontoon boat rental.

Pontoon boats are extremely fun for your families – and even friends. It is built to take part in any occasion you have in mind in the future.

Customizing you pontoon boat means you are enhancing its functionality and appearance so that it will be more powerful and add beautification to its physical appearance. This is what I would suggest you for your Pontoon Boat mods.


Modifying Your Pontoon Boat

Pontoons are great. It will allow you to try on different water sports and aside from that, they are perfect for customization. You have numerous ways to get your Pontoon Boat mods and customize it.

Interior & Exterior Packages

You can choose from different options about its schemes and layouts since it has a modular draft. You can select from many fabric choices along with upholstery, graphics packages, and floor coverings. Before you go to any showroom, you need to search for the website of the manufacturer first to have an idea of the price of every feature you wish to have.


 Every pontoon boats have a standard engine which is also ever person found lacking. With that, they choose to modify the engines of their pontoon boats. Before making an upgrade, you need to figure out first the uses of your boat, the amount of fuel you will use, and how fast you are willing to go.

Electronics & Sound

Nowadays, an entertainment device is part of our lives to make the event or occasion more enjoyable – and this is something you want to spend your cash with.


Three Ways to Modify Your Pontoon Boat


There are some things you need to take in consideration if you have kids with you of any age. Firstly, you need to double check if you have a PFD (personal floatation devices) and assure that it is fitted correctly and protect every child in the boat. Considering that every boat needs to have a life jacket, you also have to make sure that it is appropriate to the size of their body. As for teenagers, entertainment is what matters the most with them from time to time. Try having some source of entertainment inside your pontoon boat like a music device and use this to bond with your children.


Dedicate some time with your husband or wife – either a romantic dinner in your pontoon boat, grilling while the sun sets, and drink with her or him with a champagne while under the bright stars. Try each of them, and your spouse will surely enjoy a romantic vacation with you on your pontoon boat.

Dogs or Pets

You cannot forget your best friend, too. Your dog undoubtedly loves to enjoy the waves of water also. By diving into the water to fetch something or a ball, or simply swim in the water, your dog can do different activities that will make them happier and healthier. Just make sure that your canine has its life vest.

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