How to Name Your Pontoon Boat


Exploring the different boating dog names is not only fun but can also be educational. The titles in our name guide are perfect for those who love the waters, surfing, boating, fishing, and even for Cruise Line enthusiasts. All the boating dog names we have selected relates to water, fish, boats, marine life, and people who make a living on the sea.

There are countless terms we can use to name our dogs, but we have narrowed them down to only those that can make a great dog name. Dog names of one or two syllables are the best, but we have added a couple of other clever names that are of 3 syllables.

Mighty Mo – Nickname of the USS Missouri

Hunley – After the H.L. Hunley

Mack – Short for Merrimack

Arthur Foss – For the wood tugboat

Golden – After the famous British ship, Golden Hind

Bounty – For the HMS Bounty

Ghost – For the fictional ship in The Sea Wolf

Inferno – From the film, The Goonies

Monitor – After the USS Monitor

Henri – For the fictional Henrietta, in Around the World in 80 days

Dutch – For the fictional ship, the Flying Dutchman

Dazzler – From Jack London’s The Cruise of the Dazzler

Pequod – For the whaleship in Moby Dick

Demeter – From Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Titanic – After the famous RMS Titanic

Vic – Short for the HMS Victory

Santa – For the Santa Maria

Slice – After The Slice of Life in Dexter

Pharaoh – after the ship in The Count of Monte Cristo

Rip – Short for Riptide in Fallout 4

Casper – For a white boat

Jero – Short for Jeroboam from Moby Dick

Hawk – For the bass boat, Skeeter Hawk

Beagle – After the HMS Beagle

Old Ironsides – After the nickname for the USS Constitution

Minnow – For the fictional S.S. Minnow from Gilligan’s Island

Ranger – For the bass boat

Skeeter – For the bass boat

Rebel – For the bass boat

Female Boating Dog Names

Bella – For the Naval ship USS Bella

Oasis – For the MS Oasis of the Seas

Dorothea – For the Naval ship named after Dorothea L. Dix

Hydra – After Hydra-Sports boats

Divinia – For the MSC Divina

Lenah – For the Naval ship USS Lenah H. Sutcliffe

Celebrity – After the Celebrity cruise line

Pinta – One of Christopher Columbus’s ships

Sally – For the Naval ship RV Sally Ride

Amelia – After the USS Naval Ship Amelia Earhart

Maria – For Santa Maria

David – for the King

Nina – Nickname for the Santa Clara

Clara – After the Santa Clara

Phara – Short for the ship Pharoah, in The Count of Monte Cristo

Nellie – From Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Celeste – After the ship in an Arthur Conan Doyle short story

Orca – For the fictional fishing boat in Jaws

Henrietta – For the fictional Henrietta, in Arnold the World in 80 days

We have tried hard to research some great boating dog names, but we admit there are possibly many more names we have missed. If you have some other great names, you can drop them in the comment below. We will definitely add them all subsequently when we update this naming guide.



Getting a Boat

Picking out the best pontoon boat brand can be quite tricky and confusing because a lot of things are to be considered when doing this. We have several pontoon boat brands of different sizes in the market today including tri-toons and twin pontoon boats, purchasing a pontoon boat can be considered as buying a car where each brand have its own pros and cons.

So, choosing the perfect pontoon boat can be determined when you consider some of the following factors:


Preparing a budget when picking out a pontoon boat is essential. We have different brands of platoon boat which varies in size, price, and luxury. A budget will help narrow down the search and find you the best pontoon boat brand suitable for you. Without a budget, you might end up spending more than you can handle. Budget is not just about the cost price, fuel price, maintenance and the likes should also be put into consideration. Pontoon boats are sub-divided into high ends (luxury pontoon boats which cost about $100,000 and above), mid-range pontoon boats (about $33,000), base model pontoon boats (about $11,000) and DIY pontoon boats. The budget prepared will show which category of pontoon boats brand you can afford.

Where the Pontoon Boat Will Be Used

There are several ways a pontoon boat can be used and where you want your pontoon boat determines the best pontoon brand needed. Do you want to keep your pontoon boat docked? Or you want to trailer it? These questions are to be answered when on the lookout for the best pontoon boat brands. It is also important to make a decision on what type of water you pontoon boat will use. Although all boats have its own maintenance a pontoon boat that will be used in salt water requires more maintenance compared to a pontoon boat to be used in fresh water. It is required that a boat to be used in salt water is painted with anti-fouling paint and also bolted down instead of screwed.

What You Want To Use the Pontoon Boat For

We have several brands of pontoon boats. Some of the popular brands are PlayCraft, Starcraft, and Sun Tracker. Initially, the activities that will be carried out in your pontoon boat determines the brand of pontoon boat you would select. Are you buying a pontoon boat for sports or leisure? Or for fishing? You might be wondering how this affects the pontoon boat brands, this activities will give a picture of the number of people that will be on the pontoon boat, and this determines the horsepower of the pontoon boat as well. Some pontoon boats are used for celebrations and gatherings which means more people will be on such pontoon boat and that as well will determine the brand of pontoon boat you need. Some people may desire to purchase a pontoon boat for the luxury.

The best pontoon boats brands have different sizes and designs, but with this few factors, you can find the best brand for you.

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