Are Tritoons better than pontoons?

Tritoon vs. pontoon is a hot topic where people like to enjoy on lakes or islands. There’s always been a debate that which is better and why you should buy it. So here is a complete guide for you but before we tell you the difference, you have to know what actually they are. 


Which is better for you?

Generally speaking, the pontoon is a better option for calm water and relaxing areas. It is the best choice for small family parties or barbeques on the deck. It is referred to as the living room of water because it is a moveable and floating platform. But the stability of a tritoon is much better than a pontoon, and it can go smoothly on rough water. Tritoon is designed for a pleasant ride on choppy waters. But other than its stability, it is difficult to handle and steer. So it is not a good option for small areas, unlike pontoon. 


It is still difficult to compare, which is better because both have their own disadvantages. A person who wants a relaxing afternoon on the water should opt for a pontoon; otherwise, tritoon is a good option for people who like to play with water. 

Difference between tritoon and pontoon

The main difference is that a tritoon contains three tubes while a pontoon includes two tubes, but the difference doesn’t end here. 

  1. Pontoons are less efficient than other typical boats, and that’s because of their shape and design. 
  1. Pontoons are not really designed to pull skiers and tubers like tritoons, but it can be used for this purpose depending on the power of the engine. 
  1. Pontoons are ideal for relaxing on a deck with a fishing rod while tritoons is for adventures and pulling skiers. 
  1. Tritoon is larger than boats and can carry more people.
  1. Tritoons are best for oceans or where the water is not calm because its three tubes help it to pass through strong waves with less bouncing due to its fast speed and reliable engine. 



What is Tritoon?

Tritoon is actually a vessel that has three tubes instead of two. Generally, tritoons have the capacity to carry 14 to 25 people and are 22 feet to 30 feet in length. Tritoons are really big in size and is best for cruising with your friends. The motor can generate 250 horsepower up to 350 horsepower because the size of the boat is huge and with that many people you need a strong motor. 


What is Pontoon?

A pontoon is a vessel with two tubes which helps it to float above water. They are 16 to 27 feet long, and they also come in smaller sizes, which are known as “mini toons.” An average pontoon has the capacity to carry 8 to 20 people. A pontoon is suitable for fishing and also for cruising.


Its motor generates less horsepower with a minimum of 25 horsepower. Both its speed and motor depends upon its size. As the size of a regular pontoon is very small, so it generates less horsepower. 


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