Do Pontoon Boats Hold Their Value?

Pontoon boat, also known as “party boat” is quite versatile when It comes to the ways it can be used. They offer many interesting features like having extra room for people and some additional features for fishing and other sports activities. But most of all which really attracts the customers to buy it is that they really come cheap.


Getting the value for your money is of the essence. You don’t have to compromise on any features, but nevertheless, you don’t have to pay a hefty amount. 


Another thing customers are concerned when buying products is whether the product they’re investing in will retain the price or not. Most of the times people buy boats and are tired after an year or so, and instead of leaving the boat isolated, it is better to sell it off than to keep it unused hence the resale value in the case of boats is quite important. Let’s see if this is the case with the pontoon boats or not. 


New Pontoon Boat Price 

Usually, pontoon boats come in various sizes and models having accommodation for 6-17 people. The prices usually fluctuate depending on the model but are mainly between $7000-$30,000 with the average being $11,000. So you can expect to get a decent pontoon boat for around 11 however if you want to get to high and get more horsepower, more add-ons, and a better brand. 



How Do Pontoon Boats Hold Up in Resale 

While some customers consider a “good investment” as getting the value for their money and having a good, longtime experience with the product, some also consider good investment if they get both a good experience and a good resale value. 


However, when it comes to vehicles, be it road or water, they depreciate in their value as soon as you pay the price for them. Same is the case for Pontoon boats as well. 


However, if you are to buy a decent boat, it’s safe to say that it will provide you with quality time and will go on for years without bothering you with any problem, but if considered for resale, they won’t provide a very good value, not as much as you bought it for. 



How Much Does The Value Depreciate 

Typically, the value of Pontoon boats depreciates fast, at least in the first two years of buying them. After that, the curve becomes quite flatter, and the rate of depreciation decreases by a lot. This continues till you reach around 12 years of owning the vehicle after which it comes to almost a standstill. Devaluation stops and the price gets to almost a constant price. 


The decrease in value depends on certain conditions. The model, age, and add-ons you have had done to the boat, more add-ons means a higher value.  


Devaluation is same for almost all types of Pontoon boats. So two boats having different specifications will decrease by the same rate. 


We’ve seen that the Pontoon boats are not good with holding up their value; however, the focus on buying it should not be resale on the same or a higher price point. 


The sole purpose of buying them isn’t a necessity, and they are only bought for having a good time with your friends and family, so that should be your preference and that the boat goes on for a long time. Moreover, the price stops depreciating after 10-12 years of buying, so buying it for long-term shouldn’t bother you.



Pontoon Boat Used Asking Price
2005 Sweetwater 160f $7k
2013 Avalon 16ft $12k
2016 Suntracker Bass Buggy $14k
2009 Syvan Mirage Cruiser $10k
2000 Odyssey Pontoons $8k
2009 Sweetwater 1880 $12k
1996 Premier Horizion $6k
2001 Crest 18 $7k


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