How Fast Will A 20 Foot Pontoon Boat Go?

A pontoon boat is a flatboat that operates with the help of a pontoon. A pontoon is an air-filled structure that gives an object its floating ability. Generally, these boats are made to allow one or two people to ride, but it may vary due to customization of it.


How Fast Will A 20 Foot Pontoon Boat Go?

A 20-foot pontoon boat that can seat up to an average number of people is typically equipped with a 40 hp engine.  Typically, a pontoon boat will travel at a rate from 16-25 mph. It depends on the number of tubes underneath the deck, the size of the engine and the amount of load the boat carries. It doesn’t go too fast, nor it is as slow as a turtle.


Boat Model Top Speed HP
20-foot Bass Buggy 17 mph 60 hp

Bennington QR27 10 Wide

51 mph 500 hp

Berkshire Sport RFX9

50 mph 300 hp
20-foot StarCraft with 23 mph 75 hp
Tracker Regency 25 mph 115 hp
21 ft SunTracker FishinBarge 20 mph 50 hp
22 ft Sweetwater 21 mph 60 hp

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These boats have a multi-hull aluminum shape and can float through the shallow drafts of the water. These boats also can endure a slight inclination of water and do not experience much horizon loss as speedboats do. Since platoons are designed for maximum seating and deck space, they are comparatively slower than the speedboats.


The traditional two-tube pontoon boats are ideal for slow speed cruising and enjoying the serenity the oceans have to offer. Adding a third tube is like a bonus feature, as it adds to the stability of the boat, increases its speed and makes it more flexible.


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To increase the speed and performance of a platoon boat, a person can:

· Introduce a second engine.

· Increase in horsepower.

· Add an under sinking.

· Load off unnecessary weight.

· Make sure the platoons are not dirty below the water meniscus.

· Lower the Bimini cover. 


Hence it can be safely said that it all depends on the aforementioned factors to see check how fast a 20-foot pontoon boat will go. Many people believe that the standard engine fitted in the 20-foot engine doesn’t provide the output they require, so they generally add their touch to it.


These boats are designed primarily for amusement and fishing. It is ideal for a father and son quality time, where they can use this opportunity to catch fishes, crack jokes, and laugh off on catching small fishes.


The pontoons are made of graze resistant Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) and nylon. The base frames are typically made out of aluminum, steel or hard plastic to provide support for the platoons.


Previously these boats were traditionally known for their comparatively slow speed, but due to innovations in design, engine, structure and boat building materials, they have grown out of their dreaded reputation. Nowadays the pontoon boats being made have a luxurious interior, with genuine leather. The seating is at par with an automobile and people have praised it for being extremely comfortable.


Pontoon boats are becoming trendy these days, and with innovation and new methods, it is catching the eyes of many people. They have reported positive feedback regarding their experience about cruising on a pontoon boat, and hopefully, in the coming days, it will generate good revenue for the workers. 


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