Are Pontoon Boats Expensive To Maintain?

It costs about $3200 per year to maintain a newer pontoon boat. This includes storage, insurance, repairs, and licensing. Gas will be another expense and depends on usage.

All the benefits and fun you will derive on the water when using a pontoon boat certainly come with a price. For you to get the most out of your boat, there is a need for proper maintenance. A boat has different parts made with different materials.

Therefore, the ownership of a boat attracts different types of costs. A boat is costly to maintain and the cost might even make an intending boat owner reconsider their decision. Pontoon boats are no exceptions but with adequate knowledge, a pontoon boat owner can cut down the cost of maintenance.


The cost of maintaining a new or used pontoon boat annually involves the costs of maintenance to gas purchase, then you have the cost of storage and insurance. After purchase, in most cases, the new owner might consider spicing things up a little it which will attract additional costs. The maintenance of a pontoon boat also depends on the age and condition of the boat.

In getting the manual part of the maintenance done, you can choose to do it yourself which might be cost-effective (with a good user’s guide you might find your way around it) or you can get someone else to do the job which you will have to pay for. Even when you choose to do the work yourself, there are still other costs boat owners to pay for which include; insurance, dock fee, and material costs.

Some folks are also of the opinion that there is a reduction in the cost of maintenance if the boat is used regularly. The parts are always lubricated and it helps the boat last longer compared to a boat that isn’t used regularly whose parts get rusty thereby attracting more cost for maintenance.

The choice of where to store the boat should also be made before the purchase. Will the pontoon boat be kept at a marine or will you store it yourself? Storage costs would be saved if you do the storage yourself but storing at the marina would cost about $1,500 to $2,900 annually depending on the particular marina. Other recurring costs include boat insurance which might be between $100 to $360 annually, the maintenance cost of about $1,000 annually, state boat license which is between $50 – $80 annually.

If you divide not to clean it yourself, the sum of about $450 might be spent annually to do the cleaning. Title, registration fee, and tax are other charges that might also be involved which are relatively dependent on the state. The amount spent on gas depends on how often you use your pontoon boat.

Finally, the general cost of maintaining a pontoon boat depends on the usage of the boat. Owning a pontoon is not cheap but adequate information can help you reduce the cost of maintenance.

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