How Much Does a Basic Service Cost for an Outboard Motor (pontoon boat)?

The cost for basic service for a 140 hp outboard motor will cover two to three hours of service and parts. The estimated labor cost is $65 to $90/hour. So, labor costs may amount to $130 to $270. Parts for basic service may cost $270 to $500 on average, including tax.

The above estimate is based on charges in Vancouver. The amount may differ from other cities. It can also vary in different areas in the same city.

You should know that your outdoor motor can require more than a basic service depending on its state. If you neglect to service your motor for long, it may cost you big when you finally get to do it.

Using a boat with an outboard motor is cool but you only get to enjoy its benefits if you maintain a simple maintenance routine on it. Regular servicing routine can keep your outboard engine running for a satisfying number of years. But how much does a basic service cost for an outboard motor, you may ask. Well, let’s find out!

The Cost of Outboard Motor Service

The cost of maintaining an outboard can vary for several reasons. Different manufacturers have different versions according to their maintenance schedule. Dealers may have different figures because they often need more time and higher frequency for several procedures.

The cost of basic service can differ with location. Basic service can differ for different motors. However, basic service can constitute:

  1. Changing of oil in gear case

  2. Changing of oil in crankcase (if it is a four-stroke)

  3. Replacement of water pump impeller

  4. Replacement of spark plugs

  5. Checking and adjusting ignition timing

  6. Checking and adjusting valve clearance (for four-stroke)

  7. Lubrication

  8. Inspecting all electrical connections


When Do I Service My Outboard?

It is advisable to service your outboard annually. A motor that has been ‘idle’ for a long time may need more than a basic service. If yours is seldom used, at least check it out often to make sure it is not deteriorating.

Importance of Servicing Your Outboard

Servicing your outboard at the right time is imperative because:

  • It will save you some cash because you don’t have to wait till there’s a breakdown or a serious issue before servicing it. And of course, the lesser the issue the lesser the bill.

  • The lifespan of your outboard engine will be prolonged if it is not made to suffer extremely before it is fixed.

  • There will be no room for you to be stranded. If you do not service your outboard in due time, you may be stranded when you least expect to be.

  • Servicing your boat as at when due is a safety precaution. You save lives and get yours saved too by avoiding unexpected breakdowns and possible accidents.

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