Should I Get A Speed Boat Or A Pontoon Boat?

Choosing between getting a speed boat or a pontoon boat largely depends on what you want to do i.e. the activities you want to carry out on the water. Yea, there are so many activities one can carry out on the water which are mainly based on the individual’s interest.

A speed boat has its unique features just like a pontoon boat. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features. I hope it would help inform your final decision on which to settle with, either a speed boat or a pontoon boat.


If you want to enjoy a regular cool and slow cruise with your family and friends with a good view, a pontoon boat could be your point of call. A pontoon boat gives you the space for friends and family to come aboard where you can enjoy the cool and calm party atmosphere, especially in the calm evenings.

A pontoon boat is also well suited for fishing activities in case you are interested in fishing.

Some pontoon boats also come with fish tanks for a more enjoyable fishing experience. With a pontoon boat, you can also enjoy skiing. Most pontoon boats also have accommodations that might include a toilet which is an added advantage for the users thereby increasing comfort. Here is a guide.

A pontoon boat is also a multipurpose boat that can be used to carry out different activities on the water. It is easy to pilot. Pontoon boats are safe as long as you don’t take it beyond the environment it was designed for. In the cases of flip overs, with the nature of the hulls, it will likely not sink. Pontoons are also simple to use and maintain.

With all the benefits listed above, it is important to note that a pontoon boat isn’t cut out for the easy game except the faster catamarans. Pontoons are relatively slow compared to a fast boat and they don’t do well in the open sea. Therefore, if you need a boat you can take to the bigger water bodies, a pontoon is not a good idea.


Are you in need of speed? Do you want to feel the wind and get wet with water splashing over your face? Just as the name implies, a speed boat could be a good consideration.

A speed boat is not the “party boat” type but would guarantee an exciting experience. With a speed boat, you can hit the open water environment like an ocean. They do a good job with the waves since they can cut through waves.

A jet boat allows you to maneuver on the water even with amazing speed. A speed boat doesn’t take as many persons as a pontoon boat does and might burn a lot of gas because a great amount of energy is needed to power it. With this information, I am sure you are now sure as to whether to buy a pontoon boat or a speed boat based on your needs.

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