Best yachting destinations in the world

Are you planning to spend a yachting holiday at the top yachting destination o the world?


We have a list of the top hotspot yachting destinations for you where you can spend your summer holiday. Our list contains countries like Croatia, Greece, Italy, Turkey which are known to be the best countries when it comes to yachting.

Following is the list of the top destinations you can consider spending the best holiday of your life:


  1. Croatia

Croatia is known as “paradise on earth”. With over 12000 islands, medieval towns, a long coastline, and crystal-clear beaches, this country is the true example of heaven.

When we talk about yachting, then this country is an exemplary yachting destination. The quality of the vessels here is quite high. Although the prices are a bit higher as compared to other destinations but the experience is worth taking. You can even find some yachts at nice prices if you book them early. The distances between islands in Croatia are also short. You can easily take the route of your choice in the shortest amount of time.

Crystal clear sea is another amazing factor that makes Croatia the top destination in the world. The tropical vibes of beaches can be felt everywhere. You can also witness the amazing culture on their islands and villages while yachting and can stop in the middle of your destination as there are many small islands. Moreover, you also get a chance to visit the exquisite historic towns.


  1. Turkey

Turkey is famous for its turquoise crystal-clear sea and extraordinary beaches. Most of the visitors and travelers visit Turkey to enjoy the cruising and yachting experience in Turkey. Other than having a rich culture and heritage, Turkey is also one of the most affordable yachts and cruise destinations.

  1. Greece

Greece is a country with a long ancient history. There are many islands, clear water, and beauties hidden in this country. As a tourist, your days will be full of joy and adventures here. There is no doubt that Greece is a great magnificent destination for yachting and gulet cruising.

It is also a great place for couples and friends. Among many other activities, yachting in Greece is one of its own kind of experience. You can either rent a yacht from Athens and explore the beautiful islands like the Sporades and Ionian or you can rent a Turkish gullet and visit the Greek island.

  1. Italy

Discovering the magnificent and easy-going Italian life on a yacht is a whole new experience. In Italy, you can get a chance to visit the beautiful beaches and islands. The country has got the sun, the refreshing sea, islands, and the right temperature. It is no doubt, one of the best countries to spend the best vacations. Moreover, you can also get a chance to explore the exclusive parts of Sardinia and Mediterranean as these parts are only accessible by sea.

The yachting routes are main through southern Italy like the Amalfi Coast, Aeolian Islands, Pontine Islands, and the famous Sicily.

Fun Fact: There are more than 10,000 superyachts in the world.

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